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An expensive tome, this book nevertheless gives you page after page of sensational stamens, pulchritudinous petals and fantastic foliage to look at for the price you might pay for one print of a poppy.
19) In his book, Vancouver: The Way it Was (Vancouver 1984), Michael Kluckner comments: "Prostitutes followed the Canadian Pacific Railway workers across the country like a scruffy, pulchritudinous plague.
Like the already-canceled ``The Strip,'' ``Secret Agent Man'' boasts semi-coherent storytelling, witless wit and the one thing that's supposed to atone for its multitude of sins - ample pulchritudinous bosoms and bottoms.
Ecke pauses to admire one especially pulchritudinous example of this last specimen.
He was in a mood for a stare scene at Rienzi's Coffee House where his antlered eyes might be assuaged by eyeball data, pulchritudinous and groovy, sandals on taut tanned calf muscles, muscles under flamboyant attire waving and bulging, existential stares from the window as he passed the San Remo Bar.
Undercover police officers, however, testified to observing digital penetration, oral sex, and other sexual activity take place during the pulchritudinous polkas.
It seems we are fascinated with fat - what it looks like, where it comes from, and how we can get it to go away - an obsession that might seem truly strange to a time traveller from any age when being plump equalled pulchritudinous.
The pulchritudinous 19-year-old has surely secured her future as a face.
I predict that every pulchritudinous woman will want one and the top present for teenage boys at Christmas and birthdays will be a water pistol.
In the collage Dais, 2006, an orgy of writhing naked young men is overseen by Gustave Dore's pulchritudinous Lucifer.
Twelve Sexiest Plumber finalists will be selected to appear in a 2005 wall calendar paying tribute to America's most pulchritudinous plumbers.
Spielberg's AI - ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE turned out to be a great deal of fuss about nothing, for all its clever effects, while not even the pulchritudinous and feisty Angelina Jolie could make a winner out of computer game character and archaeological vandal LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER.
You can't look anywhere without encountering some pulchritudinous example of the female anatomy.
Gas station gardens, consisting of planters filled with annuals and an occasional palm, are a vain attempt to bring opposites - polluting hydrocarbons and pulchritudinous pansies - together.