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physical beauty (especially of a woman)

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The association of thought with this stage in life is invariably of a celebration of youthful pulchritude, despite the hormonal heists that occur from time to time.
The development of haute couture on the Ziegfeld stage licensed an upper-class gaze, both masculine and feminine, that in turn licensed the public viewing of feminine pulchritude and tying a sexualized, aesthetic looking to consumerism.
Although the spell Sthulananda learns is a beauty charm, comparison with versions of this rule from other Vinayas suggest this phrase "an ascetic devoted to external appearances" refers not just to her apparent desire for pulchritude, but also to the suspicion that she prefers worldly knowledge over the Buddha's teachings.
Beauty in the Classroom: Instructor's Pulchritude and Putative.
5 THE KING'S BODY (Joao Pedro Rodrigues) j Beefcake parade and history lesson, casting session and male confessional, Joao Pedro Rodrigues's tender, funny pageant of Iberian pulchritude probes Portugal's mythic past and its contemporary duress.
Consequently, an African background, which underscored either the white-mooned pulchritude of jungle nights or the pulse-stirring beatings of the tom-tom, wormed its way into the works of many famed black writers of the day, including Langston Hughes, Claude McKay, Wallace Thurman and Countee Cullen (Washington, 2001: 14-5)
Many centuries unfold in the course of Houellebecq's chronicle of a society that worships pleasure and pulchritude and its genetic heirs who enjoy only the luxury of indifference.
Notwithstanding the power of pulchritude, I am as fond of a glow as the next narcissist, but I am not sure that beautiful should always equal bizarre.
It is because of her willingness to embrace violence that the pulchritude of her wounds becomes Iris Our's improbable eulogy.
But ChainS and Whips Excite Me: Female Pulchritude, Rape, and Music Videos as Public Service Announcement.
I shall call them, respectively, perdurance, plenitude and pulchritude.
Already snipers are taking aim and suggesting the beautiful game has lost its pulchritude.
Beauty in the Classroom: Professors' Pulchritude and Putative Pedagogical Productivity.
A bit of natural sun-tan would be a boon to the complexion of Homo Americans, and a bit of the tar brush would, as elsewhere, raise the standard of American pulchritude, a consummation devoutly to be wished.