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Nothing afforded them more pleasure than to see me go through the attitude of pugilistic encounter.
He has his hat knocked off by a Buff flag-staff - a 19th century placard-waver - and, Prescott-like, gets 'personally engaged in a pugilistic encounter'.
8) Fight Club: Brad Pitt and Edward Norton in David Fincher's tale of a shadowy pugilistic underworld.
Sir, - In unveiling his plans for yet another layer of bureaucracy in Birmingham, (Ward Strategic Partnerships), Labour leader Coun Albert Bore states that he is keen to 'leave behind the pugilistic approach we have at the moment where you have confrontation between residents and the council.
But cut through all the style points, financial matters, size and so on, and all eyes will be on whether Lewis really falls in three, whether Holyfield really has that pugilistic pipeline to the Lord.
The pugilistic neo-con, a devoted disciple of the Pentagon and its wars, claims British ministers aren't caring for wounded British soldiers.
If people have real influence in their local areas they will be far more satisfied with the council, the police and the health authority and leave behind the pugilistic approach we have at the moment where you have confrontation between residents and the council.
The facility would house up to 25 retired boxers - those who are homeless, need help for drug dependency or treatment for pugilistic dementia, ``punch-drunk syndrome,'' which dulls their motor skills, affects their balance and weakens their short-term memory.
And despite his public love-in with new teammate Rubens Barrichello, the Briton will not spare the Brazilian his pugilistic approach on the tarmac.
Irish in Britain means Michael Flatley's step-dancing, appalling renditions of hackneyed folk-songs in second-rate drinking holes, twee leprechauns pretending to spout charming nonsense, pugilistic drunkards with hard-luck stories and a glut of theme pubs filled with Oirish memorabilia from the 1950s.
Ultimately, ``King of the City'' too easily accepts its view of Citizen Al as a pugilistic populist whose brutal ``justice'' was preferable to that of the hypocrites around him.
While the pugilistic fans dine out on WBA, WBC, WBO, IBO, IBF, soccer fans have turned their nose up - and occasionally choked - at a basic diet of stodge - or 4-5-1 as it's better known on the coaching menu.
Mavrovic may be miles from Zagreb but with his Mohawk hair-do, locals of Uncasville might be moved to get behind him in this pugilistic pow-wow.
However, let's be accurate, let's call it a back-alley beating or some sort of sadistic pugilistic sacrifice, not boxing.
Bowe used pugilistic dementia as part of his defence against charges of kidnapping his wife and kids.