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ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Boxing Federation (PBF) will initiate a boxing league by the end of ongoing year on the Olympic pattern with an aim to strengthen pugilism in the country.
TIME for a little more boxing drama - cue haymakers, angst and fight-orientated wisdom - as the latest in the Rocky spin-off films puts back in the ring for a bout of pugilism, romance and global politics.
..TIME for a little more boxing drama - cue haymakers, angst and fight-orientated wisdom - as the latest in the Rocky spin-off films puts us back in the ring for about of pugilism, romance and global politics.
LONDON: The inaugural World Boxing Super Series final in Jeddah last month may have put Saudi Arabia on the boxing map, but women's pugilism in the Kingdom is proving a knockout success even without international recognition.
They're paid fantastic wages to show off their sporting prowess, not their nocturnal pavement pugilism.
And in order to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) a group of Graham's friends got together for a night of pugilism.
If the 36-year-old Nietes (41-1-4 with 23 KOs) gets past The 27-year-old Palicte (24-2 with 20 KOs), he will join Nonito Donaire as the second most accomplished fighter in Philippine pugilism after Manny Pacquiao, who has won an unprecedented eight world crowns in as many weight classes.
Having made a career out of preaching the values of empowerment, she represents in some ways a natural counterpoint to Trump's proud pugilism. And Winfrey's most potent appeal, industry analysts say, is among somewhat older consumers with women over 55 as her strongest cohort.
Nothing to do with pugilism, but in the past, Christmas Day was seen as for church only.
Throughout the campaign, he has vacillated wildly between poise and pugilism, sometimes in the same day.
Yet in the end, Cruz's cool, calculated style met its match in Trump's freewheeling pugilism, which again and again upended the central features of Cruz's candidacy.
He goes on to suggest that Pharisaism in the modern Christian Church tends to be identified by: dogmatism, egoism, sectarianism and sociological pugilism, traditionalism, legalism, separatism, judgmentalism, spiritual myopia, and hypocrisy.
Although it's entirely possible that, early on in his career in pugilism, his name enticed interest from parties that otherwise may not have been so interested, by now it's plain to see that his abilities speak for themselves.
Snowdon, an independent scholar and web master, takes readers through Egan's rather checkered history, starting by examining the rise in popularity of pugilism and its reporting, and goes into the language of the city and the boxing-ring.
Sex Box Tuesday, C4 Not to be mistaken for a form of aroused pugilism, this was what it said on the tin.