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Tales of Pugilism will be released on Kindle on March 7 with a paperback version coming out on April 7.
In Trump's Chaos, Cruz's Savvy Met its Match, by Patrick Svitek - Ted Cruz's cool, calculated style met its match in Trump's freewheeling pugilism, which again and again upended the central features of Cruz's candidacy.
He goes on to suggest that Pharisaism in the modern Christian Church tends to be identified by: dogmatism, egoism, sectarianism and sociological pugilism, traditionalism, legalism, separatism, judgmentalism, spiritual myopia, and hypocrisy.
At this stage in the hit pugilism film series, things started to get a little bit silly.
Although it's entirely possible that, early on in his career in pugilism, his name enticed interest from parties that otherwise may not have been so interested, by now it's plain to see that his abilities speak for themselves.
You used to know the boxers and their nicknames and playground pugilism was all the rage.
But the pugilism -- well-executed as it is -- gets a bit tiring by the time you get to the track "Papercutz,'' another lyrical throwdown, but this time with enough pop culture references to make your average nerdcore audience happy: Muppets, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more come in on the smackdown.
Snowdon, an independent scholar and web master, takes readers through Egan's rather checkered history, starting by examining the rise in popularity of pugilism and its reporting, and goes into the language of the city and the boxing-ring.
Sex Box Tuesday, C4 Not to be mistaken for a form of aroused pugilism, this was what it said on the tin.
Ironfist," as he is known to aficionados of pugilism, may also become a serious contender for the next presidential election scheduled for 2015.
Hopefully Flintoff's foray into pugilism won't end in a pounding as painful as the 2006-07 Ashes when the England side he captained was pummelled 5-0 by Australia.
Pugilism is another name for which sporting Sharon Osbourne - see Question 7 space that reaches the Earth's surface?
Consider Walsh's biography: born the first child of a champion gypsy father (gypsy men in the Romany tribe must engage in pugilism or otherwise be scorned; Walsh's father was a champion among champions for most of his life).
Billy Baggott became known as the clown prince of pugilism after picking up the paper during a bout.
But the former House speaker couldn't have won in the absence of conditions favorable to his rhetorical pugilism.