pug nose

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a short nose

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This model is not recommended for flat or pug nose breeds.
A short man with a round face and a pug nose, Saute, who trained at elite institutions in Spain and Britain, shifts rapidly from English to Portuguese to Spanish.
Her eyes were small and brightly anxious, threaded with fine filaments of blood, and her aquiline nose was now a pug nose in which broken capillaries glowed with a sullen heat.
He spends all day looking down his pug nose at people, then whining about how bored he is.
The other is a woman who struts around town with her beach-ball boobs and her pug nose in the air and spends her sad, shallow life devising ways to get her talentless ass into the newspapers (protesting all the while that she wants privacy).
Not with his perfect pug nose, electric blue eyes, and a boyish spit curl that suggested Anglo as well as Saxon.
Wilson later told them: "Every time she wiggles that cute little pug nose of hers, I fall more in love with her.