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Synonyms for puffing

blowing tobacco smoke out into the air

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an act of forcible exhalation

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The 58-year-old, who runs North East Mobility Warehouse in South Hetton, recreated the Puffing Billy train from his childhood holidays in Filey.
There will also be an exhibition by Walbottle Art Club and a performance by the Elaine Milbourne Dance School on October 31 inspired by Puffing Billy and Georgian life.
After much huffing and puffing about the bus service and a public meeting (where at least one of the three operators were sufficiently impressed by our Lib-Dem councillors that they bothered to turn up) nothing has or will happen.
Puffing is carried out on a hot skillet, which unfortunately affords no control over the temperature used and the residence time.
Yes, Katie Keane, who plays Mallory in Margit Ahlin's ``Climbing Everest'' does a lot of puffing and panting.
In fact, one of the highlights of the BLACK ENTERPRISE/Pepsi Golf & Tennis Challenge continues to be the annual smoker in which some of the nation's richest and most powerful African Americans engage in banter, comradeship and deal making while puffing on coronas and sipping cognac.
Dopamine creates a "high" that keeps smokers puffing pack after pack.
After the requisite huffing and puffing, the wolf knocks down the first two houses but gets stuck in the chimney of the brick house.
Puff has a cloud puffing its cheeks with birds and stars flying above.
Meetings will be held in Wylam, Northumberland and Throckley, Newcastle, to discuss last year's successful Puffing Billy Festival in Wylam and Newburn and plot a way forward for the organisation set up to deliver the festival.