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Synonyms for puffery

a systematic effort or part of this effort to increase the importance or reputation of by favorable publicity

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a flattering commendation (especially when used for promotional purposes)

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If puffing has become routine, then the Cockney School attacks might be viewed as a response to puffery as well as a politically motivated attack.
Born in an era of bluff and puffery, baseball surely ranks among the nation's greatest humbugs.
No Puffery Cooling Roll-On for Puffy Eyes helps reduce signs of puffiness and fatigue.
Let's hope that the Information Affairs Authority and Bahraini embassies abroad send a copy of the Belfer paper to every network and newspaper editor, every hostile journalist, institution and non-governmental organisation that assists you in your puffery, so that if they truly base their own reports on unbiased facts, here is a little something to help them.
These stories succeeded in part because they avoided what Sachs calls the "five deadly sins" of storytelling: vanity, authority, insincerity, puffery and gimmickry.
The companies have been advised to bear in mind the legal implications that may arise out of certain practices dealing with, like distribution of false information, deception, fine print, disclaimer and qualifications, importance of substantiation of claims, essential terms and conditions, omissions, puffery, price disclosure, comparative advertising, promotional contents and, telemarketing.
of puffery, which is usually known in trademark law as a defense in
After that, just two years until Canada's 150th birthday and more patriotic puffery.
It does manage to avoid the usual celebrity-book puffery.
It's hard to refuse to participate in this personality puffery (especially knowing someone at Artforum), as it might benefit my career.
More common are ads that are subtly misleading, and the distinction between subtly misleading and legitimate puffery can be difficult to define (Pohl, 2010).
The worse case scenario is that it's just a piece of PR puffery.
Can we not fast-forward through the dirge of Olympic puffery and get to the Games themselves, which might actually be something to shout about?
ENOC (5): Some inoffensive corporate puffery from ENOC which kind of leaves you thinking.