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large African viper that inflates its body when alarmed

harmless North American snake with upturned nose

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Dr Sara Elliot, from the British Veterinary Hospital in Dubai, said Puff Adders can be found in the Dhofar region of Oman.
Well, it was certainly puff adder time last week as the tabloids (apart, of course, from the ones who have a business link with OK
Fantham (1932) first described Eimeria bitis from the gall bladder and bile ducts of a single puff adder, Bitis arietans, near Cape Town, South Africa.
The puff adder is responsible for more deaths than any other African snake.
Other memorable cases include a parcel sent from Tanzania which was found to contain a puff adder and gaboon viper - both of which are highly venomous snakes.
Yocona Puff Adder Gerald Inmon Taylor House Publishing 1739 University Avenue, PMB 340, Oxfortd, MS 38655 0977486435 $27.
The puff adder is the most widespread and unmistakable; body stout and massive; brown or greyish with well-marked chevron markings.
The singer, 52, said: "We have little or no respect for their puff adder brand of reportage.
North American turtles are frozen solid for the winter, protected by their own brand of anti-freeze, while a puff adder can wait for months for its next meal - a bit like Victoria Beckham.
The scientists then ran extracts from the plants through test-tube assays for activity against venoms of the Nigerian spitting cobra (Naja naja nigricollis), puff adder (Bitis arietans), and saw-scaled viper (Echis ocellatus).
Armed with gallons of anti- cobra, puff adder and scorpion serum, dollops of Vaseline/sun block and an Egyptian Lingua- phone CD, Cathy and Tony are biking the Nile in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust, raising money for the new 'Skypad' at the University Hospital of Wales.
She has also learned to be cautious and before she picks up and plays with a snake, she calls her parents to make sure it isn't a deadly cobra, puff adder or black mamba.
PUFF ADDER, RIGHT: Poisonous snake responsible for more deaths in Africa than any other.
Guide to initial dosage of antivenoms for some southern African snake species(5) species English name antivenom initial dose Bitis arietans Puff adder SAVP 50 - 100 Polyvalent ml Bitis gabonica gaboon viper SAVP 50 - 100 Polyvalent ml Dendroaspis polylepis black mamba SAVP 50 - 200 Polyvalent ml Dendroaspis angusticeps Eastern green SAVP 50 - 100 mamba Polyvalent ml Dispholidus typus boomslang SAVP 20 ml boomslang Naja annulifera Snouted SAVP 50 - 120 cobra Polyvalent ml Naja haje Egyptian SAVP 50 - 120 cobra Polyvalent ml Naja mossambica Mozambique SAVP 100 ml spitting Polyvalent cobra Naja nigricollis black-necked SAVP 50 - 100 spitting Polyvalent ml cobra Naja nivea Cape cobra SAVP 80 - 120 Polyvalent ml