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Synonyms for puerility

the state of a child between infancy and adolescence


a property characteristic of a child


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"A not-insignificant percentage of the population has so decisively internalised the values of the market for their labour," he writes, "that the act of resculpting themselves to better meet its needs feels like authentic expression." What he says echoes a key passage in Guy Debord's visionary text The Society of the Spectacle , published 50 years ago: "Just when the mass of commodities slides toward puerility, the puerile itself becomes a special commodity; this is epitomised by the gadget ...
It's hard to find the right noun to encapsulate the Gulf dispute, but I have heard "puerility." If so, it is difficult to gauge the length of time and circumstances that will see it resolved.
By June 1824, he could write to Petr Viazemsky, "It is unforgivable puerility that all enlightened European peoples should be raving about Greece.
Even Grey, who is decidedly less complimentary, agrees on this point, insisting "the puerility of these traditions and barbarous mythological systems by no means diminishes their importance as regards to their influence upon the human race" (xiii).
While the reference to the Middle East, which was mere rhetoric bereft of substance, takes the policy into ambiguity, the puerility of the doctrine grows more obvious due to its failure to address climate concerns in a document on security threats which even scientists in the U.S.
Puerility. The smell of lube and the scent of decaying flesh.
On the grounds especially of its alleged puerility and its suspect political commitments, Poems was excoriated by the critical establishment, with one reviewer going so far as to hope that Wordsworth would "see his error, and not persist in making murderous attacks upon his own literary reputation." (6) Such reviews decimated sales of Poems, but they also "nearly destroyed Wordsworth's reputation." (7) As late as 1837, Thomas Noon Talfourd could refer to the period between 1807 and 1814 as one during which Wordsworth's name "was made a byword" and his works routinely "scoffed at." (8) The experience taught Wordsworth "that the reception of future volumes must be more tightly controlled than ever" (9) if his literary reputation was to be salvaged.
Medina's face takes on a pained expression when he talks about Rubio's recent descent into puerility and playground insults directed at Trump: That's something a grown-up candidate shouldn't even contemplate doing.
This passage condenses the standard primitivist tropes applied to eastern European Jews: the lack of table manners intimated by the rebbe's use of his hands to eat identifies him with primitive man; the animalistic depiction of the rebbe's appearance identifies him with apes; his whiteness is a racial signifier and also a sign of puerility. The rebbe's primitiveness is thus multifaceted: calibrated ethnographically (along the scale of Western civility later codified by Norbert Elias), zoologically, racially, and in terms of childhood.
When does spectating become prurience, or even just puerility? Not, 'What happens when we confine risk to the realm of the aesthetic?' but, 'What happens when risk usurps that realm entirely?'
"Fascist Puerility." Qui Parle: Literature, Philosophy, Visual Arts, History.
While "Slam Poem" addresses the speaker's mature concerns in relation to sexuality and chastises the male suitor, Leroy, for his sexual puerility, upbraiding, "yuh tink dat ting in yuh trousis is a toy" (107), "Who Am I" never progresses beyond a juvenile conception of sexuality.
Crammed to bursting with gross-out toilet humour and puerility, Damon Beesley and Iain Morris' film doesn't waste an opportunity to whip out a penis joke or labour the lead characters' suffering.
Crammed with gross-out toilet humour and puerility, Damon Beesley and Iain Morris' film doesn't waste an opportunity to whip out a penis joke or labour the lead characters' suffering.
How wonderfully witty.The mishaps, puerility and (sigh) frequent flatulence that follow simply emphasise that not only have the actors got old, but so has the humour.