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Synonyms for pudgy

well-rounded and full in form

Synonyms for pudgy

short and plump

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The clinic is urging families to enrol pets in their Waist Watchers plan - a free programme which assesses the pet and provides information to help their pudgy pooch or fat feline lose weight.
A year ago the centre started an obesity clinic for pudgy pooches and flabby felines.
HAVING noted the speed with which our esteemed parliamentarians fled the house for their seasonal recess, might I assume that there are more pudgy digits in this hacking debacle than at first appears?
An infantryman that walked across France carrying a mortar, he sat here cackling every time a pudgy little fish sucked up a red wiggler and turned on his side to run.
The manual will be "a real shot of hope for all those sad, pudgy little rock stars out there looking to change their lives," reports the New York Post.
Leo, Jr., lovingly known as "Pudgy", died at Danbury Hospital on Friday, July 30, 2010.
GABRIEL: You think Obama was pudgy? Maybe you do have shame issues!
Ask George Costanza, the pudgy best friend from TV's "Seinfeld," or Billy Strean, Ph.D., of the University of Alberta in Edmonton, and they'll give you the same answer: bad gym teachers.
Justice Antonin Scalia, pudgy son of Sicilian immigrants, indulged in
The pudgy DJ has been living it up with wife Natasha Shishmanian during time off work to mark his 42nd birthday on April 1.
Bowen and Bell portray two very different MTQs--Jeff is cool and exacting; Hunter is a pudgy, red-haired sexpot.
If so, we recommend he chucks her DVD player out of the window quick, before she gets a chance to see his pale, pudgy body on Extras, in all its technicolour glory.
I had always been a little pudgy and slow, but nothing to be concerned about.
29 Tasty gravy and pleasant mash but the small and slightly pudgy sausages let down the rest of this quite small offering.
Remember: Benjamin Franklin was pudgy. It didn't seem to hurt him.