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Synonyms for pudginess

the property of having a plump and round body

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"You could have a nose job as there is a bit of pudginess at the top.
The pudginess reminds readers of two things: that Nathan is about to be punished by becoming weak and powerless; and that he richly deserves this punishment for being a bully for so long.
"I subtly accentuate things like, say, Clinton's pudginess, to make them represent his personality more," he says.
At worst, his cheeks still betray that slight pudginess of which the malaria he caught among the coloreds was to rob them, despite all serum injections and mild consumptions of atebrine.
She fortifies herself in an assumed ugliness - pudginess - that protects her, according to Calhoun (whose word is "unreliable"), against propositions and other unwanted male attentions.
Repeatedly she has defied the critics who said she'd never have a hit record, that she'd never overcome her shyness and her pudginess, that she'd never escape the shadow of her famous brother or the grasp of her strong-willed, well-meaning parents.
Linda is a bit of a butterball, but her mother Elena (Elena de Haro), a bony anorexic and obsessive workout addict, is in a constant state of panic over her only child's pudginess.