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a short fat person

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The final was extended to the best of three legs and went the full distance with Curry recording scores of 3x100 and 140, while Pudge hit 140 and 2x100, the 2-1 result going in favour of Curry.
Jeff Torborg, who caught in the majors for 10 years and managed Rodriguez for 38 games in Florida, said, "Pudge could throw.
A full binder has the added bonus of smoothing your hips; however, these can be really tight in the tummy area, especially if you've got some pudge there.
Big-city Randi and pals DC and Pudge solve karate-kicking cases in sleepy Deer River and parts beyond.
Miles "Pudge" Halter is abandoning his safe-okay, boring-life.
Carl "Pudge'' Paharik and Jim Miles were the co-captains, and both were named All County all-stars along with running back Buddy Wright.
For those who want to trim the Ramadan pudge: limit carbohydrates to only complex carbs, like multigrain breads, avoid any more leftover sweets and cut the fat out, Williams advised.
To give you a quick sense of what the book is about, a high-school guy from Florida (like John Green) goes to a boarding school in Alabama (like John Green) in search of a life-changing adventure--what the dying Francois Rabelais referred to as "The Great Perhaps." There he finds friends and a dazzling girl named Alaska, acquires the incongruous nickname "Pudge," explores a wide range of illicit substances, and learns firsthand about the depths of human grief.
In her letter, Sport England's planning manager Fiona Pudge said their policy is "very clear that replacement playing field must be replaced prior to commencement of development".
Thank-you to Margaret Pudge, Ian Barclay and Teresa Power who manage and coach the Special B Team from Cardiff on a voluntary basis every week, and Steve Partridge who manages the Special A Team from Swansea.
We follow Queenie to college, where she has a chance encounter with Pudge, a 14-year-old who's been kicked out of her home for being gay.
Lindsey Pudge, an offender manager for the National Offender Management Service (Noms), who is working on a joint pilot project in Wales with Barnardo's Cymru project manager Laura Tranter, said they now hope to help those children.
Hosts Marchwiel posted 174 all out, Paul Ankers 58, David Pudge 6-45 for the Holyhead visitors.
"I was fat, no question about it." As a child, he was nicknamed 'Pudge' by his brothers.