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human external genital organs collectively especially of a female

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(34) See generally Nnamuchi, Hands off My Pudendum, supra note 10 (discussing use of international human rights law to ban FGR and adverse effects that laws can have on cultures).
pag.) Neste caso, o "pao" adquire importancia nesta estrofe porque o "pao" e uma metafora erotica que faz referencia, desde a Idade Media na Espanha, a 'pudendum muliebre'--nao esquecemos que Gil Vicente era conhecedor magnifico da cultura espanhola e que tambem escreveu em espanhol.
My guess is that Hillary Clinton never danced on a tabletop showing her Brazilian to the crowd, but she got branded as a Bad Girl nevertheless because she did the political equivalent of flashing her pudendum to the audience: She decided to play the boys' game like they did, instead of like a girl.
with a mark which contradicts the figure's point by rendering "scrutable" and "penetrable" a territorial pudendum previously lacking vaginal entry.
In the late 19th-20th centuries in coarse slang the word was used for 'the female pudendum, hence, sexual intercourse; women considered sexually' (cf.
Thus instantly does Edward's passion for Jane arise--a "fit" that bereaves him "of all reason" (I, 1800-01) and causes him to pursue her lustfully (at first in disguise) until he has possessed her body like the most desirable "jewell" in her goldsmith's shop or the "ring" on her finger (I, 1877, 1888); the "ring," of course, contains a bawdy pun on pudendum (as in The Merchant of Venice, 5.1.307) as well as suggesting her wedding ring.
The pudendum looks odd; I'm told that Ob-Gyn and art collector Don Rubell described it as "engorged." At one point, Charlie perambulates in the same gallery as Charley's sculpture--and not far from The Perfect Ride, the cuckoo project by Ray's model, Jennifer Pastor.
In order to understand this explanation we have to look up tahi wadal, which we eventually find under wadal ('labia minora in the pudendum'[sic!]), explained as 'an ingredient in certain love-philtres'.
John, who understands his father's description of heart-shaped as a "young woman's pudendum" explains to his brother: "Pussy John.
John Farmer's Vocabula amatoria, entries for aiguille (the penis) and etui (the female pudendum), both attested as early as Rabelais.
In the Courtney saga, the land is described as beautiful and mysterious, "beckoning" (1999: 408), "alluring and enticing" (1999: 420), with "grass upon it as thick and as full of promise as the hair on a woman's pudendum" (1966: 206-207), attracting men to penetrate it.
A statue in magnificently bad taste--you know, white marble nymph emerging from bath, one hand modestly covering her pudendum. Instead: tah-dah!
All my pals were there - Aspadistra Mascara, Pudendum and Psoriasis!