pudendal block

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regional anesthesia resulting from the use of a local anesthetic to deaden the pudendal nerves in the region of the vulva and labia majora

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Retroperitoneal hematoma as a complication of pudendal block diagnosis made by computed tomography.
Suturing was performed with polyglycolic acid under topical or pudendal block anesthesia.
Factors significantly associated with lower umbilical artery pH in a linear regression analysis included longer second stage of labor (-0.032 pH units for each 1-hour increase; 95% confidence interval [CI], -.046 to -.018), pudendal block (-0.022; 95% CI, -.040 to -.004), intrauterine pressure catheter use (-0.029; 95% CI, -0.053 to -.006), nuchal cord (-0.027; 95% CI, -.051 to -.004), and midforceps delivery (-0.080; 95% CI, -.159 to .000).
For additional pain relief in the lower genital tract, a pudendal block or local anesthetic on the perineum may be used.