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arteries supplying the external genital organs of humans

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Scrotal musculocutaneous or advancement flaps provides good quality and elastic skin with reliable blood supply derived from anterior scrotal branches of the deep external pudendal artery. This flap can be used to cover small defects of the scrotum or the penis.
(b) Digital subtraction angiography of the right internal iliac artery demonstrates a few foci of active contrast extravasation from the presumed internal pudendal artery (open white arrowheads) and obturator artery (open black arrowheads), compatible with hemorrhage secondary to traumatic laceration.
Penile reconstruction with de-epithelized superficial external pudendal artery flap.
Caption: Figure 1: Angiography showed contrast extravasation at the right pudendal artery (red arrow).
Hrouda, "Case report: delayed hemorrhage from an accessory internal pudendal artery pseudoaneurysm after robotic radical prostatectomy: successful management with CT angiography and embolization," Journal of Endourology, vol.
The posterior labial arteries and internal pudendal artery perforators (IPAP) were located using a hand-held bidirectional ultrasound Doppler (Hadeco[R] Bidop[TM] ES100V3 with an 8 MHz probe) and identified perforators were marked with a surgical pen (Figure 2).
"They have amended their review of symptoms to include questions about erectile dysfunction, and we are now also participating in the ZEN trial--the first-in-man study of pudendal artery stents for ED.
Further, the ischial spine and sacrospinous ligament were identified to find the internal pudendal artery. The internal pudendal artery and inferior gluteal artery branches were followed.
Injury to the pudendal nerve, internal pudendal artery and vein, ureter and rectum is a possible complication.
Arterial vascularization of the penis is provided by 3 branches of the internal pudendal artery: dorsal artery, cavernous artery, and the Bulbourethral artery.
The parietal branches of the anterior division are obturator artery (OB), inferior gluteal artery (IG), and internal pudendal artery (IP).
Blood supply comes from terminal branches of the pudendal artery, which is a branch of the internal iliac artery, with venous drainage following the same reverse route.