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a worker who turns pig iron into wrought iron by puddling

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One indication of this stereotyping is Davis's description of Hugh Wolfe, the emaciated working man whose artistic impulses are repressed by the necessity of working in the iron mills, as a "puddler." For Davis, and no doubt for many of her readers, a puddler appears to be merely one more of the anonymous roles in the life of drudgery for those whose lives are wasted in the mills.
``My great grandfather was a steel puddler, one of those professions which I think has died out, in the steel works at Ironbridge in Shropshire.
The steel-mill puddler does not yet sort memos, the coal miner does not yet sit in conferences, the cotton mill- hand does not yet sip martinis from his lunchbox.
THERE is a pub near Neath in South Wales called The Puddler's Arms and one in Suffolk called The Flint Knappers.
Illustrating her point with a photographic plate of Belgian sculptor Constantin Meunier's Puddler adorned with bold red arrows indicating the price tag that employers had attached to the eyes, arms, legs, and fingers of the Pittsburgh steel workers, Eastman made abundantly clear the commodifying impact of the common law;(142) in her view, the only difference between workmen's compensation and the common law of work accidents was that the common law established shockingly stingy prices.(143)
And we do learn in far more detail just what a "puddler," "teemer," or "puller outer" does, and just why it was so difficult and required so much skill and strength.
Iron puddler George Roberts testified that he had seen Myra Strunk hand Hoover a note in his store, while glass blower Levi Pierce depicted Strunk in the days prior to the murder as "wild" and "incoherent."(30) The respectability of their testimony - in no way distinguishable from the commercial men and women who testified - is of some note.
Deb, for example, doesn't drink; Hugh, the ignorant puddler, carves statues; Mitchell identifies Hugh as the artist, yet remains aloof; the narrator grows up in this house, yet has somehow escaped its degradation.
They offered raspberry vinegar or lime juice to visitors on state occasions."(84) They "had no children and made a virtue of it." Not surprisingly, this couple lived in "Puddler's End," which is representative of the new, planned towns created after the First World War, and as such, a threat to traditional values.
His early working life was spent as a puddler, agitating molten iron with a long hook in a Walker Ironworks.
So let me introduce George Benjamin Thorneycroft, sometime puddler of Bradley, who in 1824 stepped up to manage the Shrubbery Ironworks in Horseley Fields.
The passage the Atlantic Monthly text omits occurs in the church scene, about two-thirds of the way into the story where the Welsh immigrant, iron-mill puddler Hugh Wolfe enters an Evangelical Protestant church.
``My great grandfather was a steel puddler, one of those professions which I think has died out, and he worked in the steel works at Ironbridge in Shropshire.
It is certainly true that the substitution of steel for iron weakened the position of the puddler and his union.