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(British) the dessert course of a meal ('pud' is used informally)

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The entire Valley River Village area was developed as a PUD, Wetzel said.
Of 2162 patients with PUD, 596 (27.6%) received eradication therapy; of 4704 patients with NUD, however, only 94 (2%) received this treatment (P = .0001).
Since the PUD lacked the legal authority to offer fiber commercially, its board of directors joined forces with the Economic Development Alliance of Lincoln County, which formed CoastNet with 38 other public and nonprofit entities.
The hospitalization rates for complicated PUD, for uncomplicated PUD, and for non-ulcer peptic conditions in Medicaid beneficiaries do not suggest policy-associated changes.
The proportion of respondents who believed that PUD was caused by an infection increased with increasing age, from 12% (95% Cl=2%-22%) among persons aged 18-24 years to 33% (95% Cl=30%-36%) among persons aged [is greater than or equal to] 55 years.
With the introduction of the more highly effective and better tolerated [histamine.sub.2] antagonists to therapy regimens, the old medical management, as well as surgical interventions for PUD markedly declined.
* Approved purchase of 2.12 acres of property next to the site of the PUD's new Service and Operations Center in Olds Station.
Wa nay panahon aron magbantay sa mga balita gikan sa Pinas ug wa na pud ko oras sa pag e-mail sa imoha.
On January 2 the chef will begin sampling Christmas puds, up to 15 a day and more than 1,500 during 2015.
Lucy Anderson has created Tipsy Pud, the first cocktail-cake maker in the UK, after leaving her job working for an energy management consultancy to follow her dream of running her own enterprise.
The agreement gives Connell Brothers exclusive rights to distribute Resinate's line of PUD resins in China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and India.
YORKSHIRE Pudding Day is Sunday so let there be no excuses or evasions, cancel that reservation for pizza or curry and make sure you tuck into a good pud with all the trimmings.
Raymond Stewart, senior scientist, Coatings, Adhesives & Specialties business development, Bayer MaterialScience LLC, discussed his latest findings regarding the effects of PUD selection on coating characteristics at the Waterborne Symposium 2012.