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the trait of behaving like an imp

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Rather, it is to recast his puckishness as a weapon instead of a weakness.
In Joe's Garage's less popular second half--like most musicals, it frontloads the crowd pleasers--political puckishness and dirty jokes give way to grim, violent, psychosexual despair.
Kennedy has always ploughed his own classical furrow, injecting a level of punkishness - and Puckishness - into the establishment, and even now, at 51, the spiky hair and geezer accent remain.
While Skelton's broad smile during the ceremony was not without a certain puckishness, he was too much the gentleman clown to disrupt any ceremony organized for his benefit.
That sort of matter-of-fact puckishness routinely punctuates a visit with Dinklage, who finds amusement in the fact that he barely even appears in the movie he's helping to stump.
While such heresiarchs would allow Christians to have one or the other either God is good but not in control or is absolutely powerful with just a hint of puckishness about him--they were unable to see how the early Church could maintain the goodness of God and of creation while at the same time give a rational account of human depravity.
This time it is a thoughtful rumination from the soloist on the music of the concerto's very opening, until, interrupted by a brisk fanfare, the soloist shakes himself into excitement, persuades the rest of the orchestra to dust itself down and we spin off into a finale of characteristic Mendelssohnian high-spirited puckishness, the elfin enchantment of A Midsummer Night's Dream, so beloved of the composer, never far away.
He modeled a swoop of mind, a way of combining precision with puckishness, a kind of rolling agglomeration that would prove formative for the generation now coming into its own.