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in an appealing but bold manner


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Chair Morris Udall once puckishly described as then Interior Secretary
Even while exploring the limits of Conceptual art's linguistic games, they puckishly suggest that such discourse had by then (the early '90s) become mere child's play.
Once when the caravan of lawyers and judges approached a shallow creek, Lincoln puckishly warned that it was deep and advised his colleagues to strip off their clothes and ride their horses across it.
He has puckishly titled his latest book Rather Outspoken, a riff on how the sausage is made behind the cameras in the news world.
The portraits are generally splendid, but the subtext is sometimes troubling, such as how playwright George Bernard Shaw, puckishly shrewd at age eighty-seven, noted to Karsh that Armenians were best kept "healthy and strong" by going through an extermination every now and then.
Hellman puckishly began his panel session with a "softball question to ease the tension" directed to Mr.
This time Nusseibeh is proposing "a thought-experiment" that is, he readily admits, "so objectionable that it might well generate its own annulment." It might, he explains, make "all parties see the need to find a tenable alternative." Or, "if adopted," it might serve "as a natural step towards" what he puckishly proposed in 1986: "a single democratic state." It might even, he tellingly adds, induce the two parties to this ongoing dispute to revisit a suggestion advanced in the wake of the first Arab-Israeli War by Jawaharlal Nehru's India: that, in the territory in Palestine evacuated by the British, there be "a federal form of government" (pp.
Aware that they were improbable presidential policy advisers, they puckishly concluded many of their papers with the same punch line: "Of course, there is no real solution to the problem of poverty until we abolish the capitalist system." Harrington, who was famous for counseling radicals to work for "the left wing of the possible," was kidding.
David Lankes once puckishly titled a presentation, "They Named the Building After Us," to emphasize the primacy of librarians [6].
The new edition adds half again as much text and proclaims a vindication of the original thesis, which, twenty years ago, after the fall of the Berlin Wall and amid the breakup of the Soviet Union, seemed puckishly provocative: "Contrary to widespread belief, evidence is accumulating that Western democracy is in continuous and serious decline" (9).
If barbecue and time with loved ones don't float your boat, spend your day off with the Trib's latest news quiz, the puckishly named (and, admittedly, slightly challenging) Sh*t My Legislator Said.
One of Ai's apparent offenses was to puckishly feed that paranoia.
WHEN NEUROSCIENTIST ERIC Kandel gave his acceptance speech after winning the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2000, he puckishly flashed a Photoshopped picture of a giant undersea slug sporting a Nobel medal on the screen behind him.
Since I had recently published Promised Land, Crusader State, they wanted me to discuss "The Crusader State in the 21st Century." 9/11 still lay in the future, of course, so I puckishly likened the Clinton administration's feckless humanitarian interventions to medieval crusades, and finished as follows: To preach a crusade is a dangerous thing, for you may just succeed in launching one, in which case you may inspire fanaticism and black-and-white judgments, and so lose the ability to keep the violence proportional and channeled toward realistic ends.
Nevertheless, he has some very compelling criticisms of the HAG which he categorizes puckishly with such phrases as "old-dog-trayisms," "Donation-of-Constantine" objections, "grand-abstraction-in-action," and "tool-as-cause." Although the nomenclature of this system of classification is humorous, Pierson's criticisms are not frivolous.