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absolutely first class and genuine

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Dunwoody won the second race, a handicap chase, on the 9-2 chance Pucka Fella (trained by Diana Tucker); struck in the fourth aboard Toy Track (Tim Forster), the 16-1 shot beating the highprofile Baron Blakeney in a novice chase; brought up the treble in the following race, a handicap chase, on the odds-on Spinning Saint (Kim Bailey); and completed his astonishing fourtimer aboard 9-1 chance Three Chances (Bob Champion) in the hunter chase.
Pucka and Bagdonas were already on community orders imposed just a month earlier having carried out a similar offence against an 18-year-old lad.
55 83 103 Pucka * Taiwan 54 38 104 Estec Group China 54 60 105 Yamanashi Matsushita Japan 54 55 106 Ding Ying Co.
If I had a quid for everytime somebody shouts out "pucka!" or asks if I cook naked then I don't think I would have to ever step foot in a kitchen again.
The following comments of a student are typical: Researcher: Do your parents want you to be more of a pucka Sikh?
It was very pucka and posh, so I kept my gob shut and put on a fixed smile.
Santa Rutkovska (a [mail]), Irena Pucka (a), Peteris Evarts-Bunders (b), and Jana Paidere (c)
He tweeted: "I am joining @ onedirection on tour from 29th May!!#pucka." But less pucka for Mr Cowell as Olls, 27, will likely miss the audition stages of this year's X Factor.
Izlaze se i o jezicnim razinama (obicno: njegovana, srednja, pucka i vulgarna), koje treba dobro poznavati kako bi se medu njima moglo birati onako kako to biraju ovjereni govornici.
Dessert - BURGER KING As Jamie Oliver might sayI bopped into Burger King, on the hunt for pucka tucka.
PUCKA Jamie Oliver GET THEM HOOKED Nutritionist Emma Buckley gets behind plan SOLE FOOD Fish on the barbecue
pucka teorija) i filozofija objektivizma poigrale njihovom znanstvenoscu: buduci da osjecaju da razlika postoji i buduci da objektivizam zahtijeva cvrste definicije, obje se vrste znacenja moraju jasno definirati.
Pucka,u r my sunshine,my only sunshine,u make me happy wen skies r grey.All my love 2day always x Sarah x Kilkenny Fionn is so beautiful
Despite the recent 'Grannygate' scandal, Mitchell is at pains to point out that his Scottish ancestry is impeccable: 'Both sets of grandparents are pucka Scots and most of the male relatives on my grandmother's side were in the Black Watch and died in the First World War,' he said.
pucka in the town of lesniewo consisting in changing the surface of the pavement and exits