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a person engaged in publishing periodicals or books or music

the proprietor of a newspaper

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On the other hand, for many years then-NL/NL publisher Howard Hudson offered "How to Start a Newsletter" workshops.
Room 1E 11 Remainder Books to Increase Your Bottom Line--Purchasing, pricing and positioning of publisher overstock books
And if they do get hold of an unauthorized code, all they can do with it is use up the value of that subscription--which the publisher will probably replace free for the customer, since fulfillment cost is usually zero.
Version 5 of the Web Publisher is fully compatible with askSam 5 and comes with these new features:
We offer incentives and assistance that can help the smaller publishers switch to recycled paper, while at the same time putting pressure via consumer activism on the large publishers to switch.
Today, the only way black newspapers stay afloat is if the publisher is successful in some other business venture.
Taking the same set of facts, a reader might have discerned not lazy publishers conspiring with chains for easy profit, but desperate publishers scrambling to comprehend changing reading patterns; not victimized readers with reduced choices, but readers whose tastes and desires are reshaping the world of books; not a literary marketplace reduced to the scale of Wal-Mart's pretzel display, but an increasingly diverse availability of books in which small publishers enjoy a bigger role than they have ever had.
However, with the absence of the quality assurance imprint granted by a professional publisher, it is hard to determine what is valuable and what is chaff on the Internet.
In a bid for added publicity, the privately owned Publishers Clearing House began last year to give away its $10 million top prize at the end of the Super Bowl.
The big news from the convention floor is the grand opening of the first African American Publishers Pavilion.
Against this backdrop, it is natural to consider alternative publication and distribution methods, especially since academic authors currently receive little or no compensation for assigning their rights in an article to a publisher.
com) today announced its official launch, offering unprecedented convenience, choice and quality for video publishers and viewers.
But the major workshop is "Market Buzz: An Update on African American Imprints With Editors and Publishers" with panelists Melody Guy, an editor at Ballantine Books; Jackie Carter, editorial director, Hyperion/Jump at the Sun; Karen Thomas, editorial director, Kensington; Linda Gill, vice president and publisher, BET Books; and Janet Hill, vice president/executive editor, Doubleday Harlem Moon.
Publisher, Cotton Group: Frank Maxcy (fbmaxcy@meistermedia.
In 1976, I was owner and publisher of Government Information Services and its sister organization, the Education Funding Research Council.
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