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Synonyms for published

prepared and printed for distribution and sale


formally made public


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But Herr Petermann, in his Mittheilungen, published at Gotha, reduced the Geneva journal to the most absolute silence.
The details of the undertaking were published in full in the bulletins of the Geographical Society of Paris; a remarkable article appeared in the Nouvelles Annales des Voyages, de la Geographie, de l'Histoire, et de l'Archaeologie de M.
This was a noble effort to do honor to the great fabulist, and was the most perfect collection of Aesopian fables ever yet published.
contained in the Vatican library several fables never before published.
The article had been published, as he had ascertained at the file in the Central Reading-room, but no word could he get from the editor.
YOUTH AND AGE was a weekly, and it had published two-thirds of his twenty-one-thousand-word serial when it went out of business.
Also, the celerity with which it had been accepted and published was a pleasant thought to him.
Even after it was published in Denmark, no Englishman thought of making a translation of the book, and it was not until fifty years more had come and gone that an English translation appeared.
Publishing Gems merits high praise and is justifiably recommended to dedicated authors aspiring to be published.
Fluid Journal is published by Farm Progress Companies for the Fluid Fertilizer Foundation.
Way back in the day when the pickings were slimmer than slim, maybe, just maybe, enjoying a book like The Five Chinese Brothers (first published in 1938) was alright.
As a professional songwriter, you have two primary goals: to get your songs published through as many royalty sources as possible (so that you earn the maximum amount of money possible); and second, to retain ownership of as large a percentage of your song's copyright as possible (to ensure that you will be the one receiving those earnings).
With the likely continued proliferation of published materials in an electronic environment, ever), scholarly publishers can bring an increased effort in identifying markets, linking author's ideas to appropriate readers, and serving as clearing-houses (Kaplan, 1993; Horowitz & Curtis, 1982).
ITT Flygt chose PTC's Dynamic Publishing Solution because it would enable them to optimize its complex publishing process by creating information that can be reused, repurposed and automatically published in multiple languages and formats.