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suitable for publication

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Survey, And Providing Cpb With Publishable Results (two Page
This includes the preparation and drafting of various key issues, including research and literature review, as well as a scientifically sound and publishable presentation of results and statistics in non-technical language, the editorial support of the expenditure and any approval with the client.
Advanced compare and capture capabilities, coupled with new publishable and sharable HTML reporting features, allow entire departments to view and understand how changes affect their environment throughout the lifecycle of database application development and deployment.
The Legal Ombudsman will retain intellectual property rights of the report and underlying data, which must be delivered in a publishable format.
capabilities, publishable in both print and web formats, that
The PRISM standards specify metadata designed to assist in automating, repurposing, archiving, production, aggregation, rights tracking and redistribution of publishable content both within and outside the enterprise.
Students and researchers would be able to perform "observations" on the "real atmosphere" from their desktops, either as educational exercises, as publishable research, or as "dry run" experiments before taking to the field.
1 allow users to call upon published Web Services from within their rules and to express their own business decision processes as publishable Web Services.
It's not spoken word but poetry, the latter which is publishable.
I am also grateful to the National Office staff who work to produce the Journal, especially Ms Vicki Hume who turns the accepted manuscripts into a publishable issue.
Engaging Students in the Digital Age through Experiential Cases & Developing Publishable Cases.
It includes guidelines for the preparation of scholarly discussion papers and editorials and a section on turning academic work like dissertations and theses into publishable journal articles, as well as turning clinical data into a research database that could be the foundation for pilot studies.
New e-Training or elements of ready productions shall also be publishable on other channels such as e.