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the business of drawing public attention to goods and services

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A statement by the Foreign Ministry today quoted the official spokesman for the foreign ministry Ahmad Jamal as saying that the Foreign Ministry rejects media statements made by Turkish Foreign Minister, MevlE-t EcavuE-oy-lu to a number of journalists on Iraq, considering these statements as blatant transgression of the principles of mutual respect among nations and interference in Iraqi internal affairs and ugly means of publicizing the sectarian speech.
Newspaper and radio station publicizing usually are fewer luxurious when compared with TV, however can easily at present often be actually pricey to hold while many element of any moving on organization battle.
I also investigate the role of publicizing information.
The analysis and publicizing tax breaks will be part of the task force's activities, agency officials said.
6) Therefore, enforcement is the key to creating the perception of a possibility of capture, while publicizing these efforts can effect a real threat of detainment.
But it spends 25 percent of its marketing budget publicizing that effort, and 100 percent of its (considerably larger) operations budget creating the sludge in the first place.
The company that runs the mall should have experience in publicizing and promoting the site.
Publicizing their efforts gives the volunteers well-deserved acclaim.
The court held that the seller, having engaged in publicizing the house to be haunted could not now deny the existence of ghosts, and therefore, as a matter of law, the court declared the house to be haunted.
We define public relations strictly in terms of publicizing our product," explains Barry.
After developing a plan and publicizing her program, Ariane solicited volunteers from four area high schools, raised funds to purchase supplies, created a curriculum and activity boxes, designed bilingual flyers for parents, organized lesson schedules and led 16 weeks of science workshops at four community preschools.
Lahore -- An intra court appeal has been filed in Lahore High Court (LHC) against publicizing Model town inquiry report.
Publicizing the soy house in Ohio has been ongoing since September of 2000.