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Available on in both Kindle and Paperback Editions, "The Publicist's Playbook" is described as "transcending media relations, social platforms and content creation" with valuable operational nuggets that pepper the book throughout.
But the real education has been in publicists teaching themselves to use social media as a promotional tool.
Part of the process in finding the right publicist is first acknowledging that restaurants and bars can benefit from a supporter who has the media's needs in mind.
Officials in Beverly Hills, where veteran publicist Ronnie Chasen was gunned down late into the night last week, have offered few theories about her death other than to say police believe someone opened fire on her Mercedes from another vehicle.
There are great chefs out there without publicists. I've always said this.
Agents, editors, publishers, publicists can add new authors to their roster.
SIR Paul McCartney has parted company with his publicist of 15 years following claims of a rift with wife Heather.
Even though the other two band members, Jenny and Liz, are considering pursuing solo careers during the break, the band's publicists have denied it is a permanent split.
And at one stage, the female publicist appears to suggest the show is a "stitch-up" and says the support behind stammering favourite Gareth makes her sick.
Publicists at the Birmingham singer's record company tried to boost sales by putting out a story about fearless Luke's have-a-go exploits in thwarting an armed robber.
That gives the stars' publicists an enormous amount of power over the publications
So I adopted a tone of haughty disdain when publicists offered to whisk me off to Scandinavia for midsum-mernight or tour me through romantic castles on the west coast of Ireland.
A captivating but frightening chapter details two publicists who through their Southern Publicity Association helped put a renewed Ku Klux Klan on the map in the 1920s.
One of our experts back then said: "The field will continue to grow more professional." (From the lots-more-of-the-same school of prediction!) "Increasingly, those in public relations will shed their reputations as 'hacks and publicists' and become 'management consultants.'"
The number of publicists in the television business is growing in direct ratio to the industry's steadily-rising awareness or the importance of marketing in the U.S.