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The process of translating a rich and complex intellectual tradition into classroom material offers its own challenges and rewards, which differ from those inherent in scholarly or publicistic writing-as I have discovered by teaching, for the past eight years, an undergraduate course entitled "The Imaginary Jew."
What is illuminating is how Voegelin contrasts the type of scholarly activities that he sees himself engaging in with the "publicistic activities" that squander potential, time, and energy.
For only in this way is it possible to discern whether women readers may be reporting on completely different ways of reading from those ascribed to them in publicistic discussions.
His authorial voice speaks in the literary dialect called in Russian criticism "post." In the 1990s he acquired the reputation of an audacious, erudite, and prolific writer of imaginative and provocative stories, novels, and publicistic pieces.
The first section focuses on Dibelius's activities in ecclesiastical positions, looking in turn at his leadership in structural (constitutional) matters from 1918, in publicistic and ecumenical matters from 1920, and pedagogical matters from 1923.
Shapiro approaches her topic by discussing the moral[istic], criminological and judicial problems raised by female deviance and transgressions; the literary, legal, and publicistic reflection of these problems in "stories" told about them; the medical discourse and interpretations that feminine crime evoked; crimes of passion, their effect on popular imagination, and their reverberations in courtrooms and the press; and finally, "the sexual politics of female criminality" Contemporary publications and copious references to ongoing discussions are supplemented by references to press, theater, and archival sources, to provide a useful and informative examination of a serious subject.
The themes and ideas of independence served to increase the new unity and stability, expressed in poems of joy, ringing poetic appeals, and publicistic passions.
In any case, they contain observations on the publicistic aspect of art that are pertinent to Apes itself.
This novaya publitsistika ("new publicistic writing') of the past two years is the artistic analogue to the political policy of glasnost.
(3) Indeed, despite the historian Francois Furet's earlier assertion that the French Revolution was "over," (4) finally relegated to the past, the bicentennial was accompanied by intense academic and publicistic debate about its significance, character, and legacies, including the perennial questions of the relationship between 1789 and 1794, the revolution's place in the origins of modernity, and the relevance of the revolution to contemporary France.
Essentially all of his publications--his entire literary and publicistic output--were consciously directed against evil as he saw it; all of the social activism--the famine relief, the protests to authorities, the counseling of disciples, and much more, continuing for decades--expressed such "resistance"; his correspondence and reported conversations constantly reflected it.