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Small organisations often find it difficult to publicise their activities.
Sales manager Jackie said: "When it was suggested we dress up to publicise the event we didn't think they would be able to find a dress to fit Stuart.
There is no such recognition scheme currently in place in Wales that identifies, publicises and applauds deserving Asian women," she said.
Soca has obtained 41 orders so far but can only publicise two because they have already been in the media.
Bureaux manager Clarissa Roberts said charities can publicise themselves on their website at www.
Mr Parkinson cited appeals by the US and British governments not to publicise messages of Osama bin Laden, head of the al Qaida terrorist organisation.
She added: "We are deeply disappointed at Mr O'Leary's insensitive use of a bullfighting theme to publicise flights.
Cardiff council has agreed to highlight all prosecutions for housing and council tax fraud as a deterrent and to publicise the activities of its team of investigators.
WHITE CHRISTMAS: Santa popped in to Stratford to publicise the RSC's Christmas production of family favourite The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and met (from back, left to right) Katy Paddock, Abigail Craig, Ben Austin and Matthew Austin.
But they're so sensitive about their Cup flop last season that they're not too keen to publicise the deal.
Summary: Celebrities have used Twitter to publicise an online campaign to find a missing teenage girl who vanished three weeks ago.
I assume that these retailers pay you to publicise their sites and services.
THE RAC has backed service station operators who publicise petrol prices on motorway service information signs.
Pointon, in the Hearts Cup Final squad, agreed to have his hairy legs waxed by Catherine Muir to publicise the Daily Record's CHAS hospice appeal.