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a tuition free school in the United States supported by taxes and controlled by a school board

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In six of 11 California metropolitan areas studied by Doyle - including four of the five largest - public-school teachers send their kids to private schools at a higher rate than the public.
In addition, the report records a blizzard of problems facing any program using tax-paid vouchers to transfer public-school students to nonpublic schools, including:
Frustrated with the public-school bureaucracy, in 1992 Schmoke prodded the city to sign a five-year contract with Education Alternatives Inc.
The Clintons don't have to be connected to the most troubled school system to be connected to the public-school predicament as a whole.
Thus increasing urban public-school budgets will fail to improve their performance until urban schools are operating under the same incentives as suburban schools.
This situation would be serious enough if it were only information about harsh realities that the censors wanted to eliminate from public-school curricula and libraries.
This paper presents firm evidence that public-school students benefit from private-school competition," she says.
His findings also add to the evidence base on the second myth: namely, that, in several developing countries, private school students outperform their public-school counterparts after controlling for schools' student-intakes.
The twenty-fifth annual PDK/ Gallup survey even found that non, public-school parents opposed parochiaid by 55 to 45 percent.
174 that throws the voucher open to existing private-school students within two years and, by some appraisals, therefore threatens a massive run on public-school coffers.
However, our data indicate that opening a charter school would increase public-school test scores by one full point (1.
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