public violence

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a public act of violence by an unruly mob


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Law enforcement leaders in San Bernardino and Orlando acknowledged that they had studied, learned from, and implemented many of the lessons learned from after action reports that had been published following terrorist attacks and other mass public violence events.
The public violence is few and far between but just because we don't get the overt violence it doesn't mean it's not here.
Other charges, such as Shawkan's alleged accusations, include belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, which has been designated as a terrorist organisation, engaging in public violence, and possession of weapons.
The tribunal, on April 21, sentenced the former president to 20 years behind iron bars for instigating public violence.
Six suspects have been arrested for public violence and housebreaking.
But the media focus is on selective cases -- and that too of public violence, of strangers raping a woman.
Dozens now face charges of public violence -- including a police officer caught on film participating in the looting, Lieutenant General Lesetja Mothiba, the police commissioner of South Africa's economic hub Gauteng, said, Naharnet reported.
Thereby he is able to lessen the fear of public violence.
The public gaze in Australia appears to be more outraged by the spectacle of public violence than that occurring in the shadows.
Because violence threatens existence and incivility is a form of aggression, the editors suggest that incivility hinders resiliency (Mingus and Horiuchi 2012b), including ideological violence, random acts of public violence, bullying in both schools and workplaces, and general rudeness (Mingus and Horiuchi 2012a).
The 528 - and 16 others who were acquitted - faced charges including murdering a policeman and public violence during riots in August - a month after Mr Morsi's removal by the army.
At his trial he had pleaded guilty to 156 acts of public violence including mobilising terrorist bombing campaigns.
In Sebokeng, east of Johannesburg, six people were arrested for public violence after residents demand housing clashed with police.
Even President Karzai's 2009 Elimination of Violence Against Women Law, that would make domestic and public violence against women punishable, has seen no action in parliament.
The police made several arrests and would charge the perpetrators with public violence and vandalism, he said.
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