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Concomitant with the essential role of public utility bus companies/operators is their responsibility to observe extraordinary diligence in the transportation of commuting public and ensure their safety," Erice said.
Central and South West Corporation is a public utility holding company based in Dallas.
The TRA set an annual ceiling on the excess deferred taxes attributable to accelerated tax depreciation on public utility property that may be amortized into rates in a given year.
127/2011 declaring the development of Sohar roundabout as a public utility project.
127/2011 Declaring the Development of Sohar Roundabout as a Public Utility Project Article One: Declares the development of Sohar roundabout specified in the attached memo and diagram as a Public Utility Project.
A case in point in California involves a multibillion-dollar investor-owned public utility, state energy regulators and several hundred single-family homeowners.
The "Standard Offer 2" contract was originally signed as part of compliance with the federal Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act (PURPA) of 1978.
He represents clients providing or seeking to provide energy, water, and telecommunications services on a public utility basis, offering services in competition or cooperation with public utilities and has particular experience and expertise in matters relating to service costs, rate setting, and operating rules for electric, gas, telecommunications, and water companies.
Public utility officials estimate the new area code will last until about 2014, Devine added.
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