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Newcastle and Sunderland were rated as having some of the least hygienic public toilets in the country.
The capital city's fast-rising population and spatial growth has overtaken available public toilets, which are mainly located in the original commercial district.
The quest for cleaner and touch-free public toilet environments may explain why respondents rank toilet flushers, sinks and handles on cubicles, entrance doors and faucets as the top surfaces they dislike touching.
I never search for a public toilet, frankly speaking," said Adel Hajj, a Lebanese architect.
A GREAT-GRANDMOTHER has joined a campaign for better provision of public toilets after the last loo in her community was removed.
He also explained that the mobile app will facilitate better up- keep of public toilets by concerned public agencies.
Public toilet attendant of the year Robert Russell at the Park Avenue public toilets in Aberystwyth
CHILDREN with disabilities in Northern Ireland have been changed on the floor of public toilets because of a lack of facilities, a survey has found.
A Northumberland County Council environment chief has promised that public toilets will continue to be cleaned up - amid claims that 'spending a penny' on the facilities was banned in the past.
3 million for the construction of ten public toilets in front of the Cardiology department of the hospital but because of the financial problems the work was stopped on the construction of these toilets.
Here's an insight into the conditions at Beijing public toilets from Michael Bristow,(http://www.
In Gwynedd the closure of dozens of public toilets across the county was to save the paltry sum of pounds 133,000 - surely a drop in the ocean of funds available," she said.
I was appalled to receive a reply stating that the council is only responsible for one public toilet, this is in London Road.
What I can't accept is the selfishness that they feel the need to shoot up in a public toilet, jeopordising the safety and health of everyone from kids, through to pensioners.
It is a national disgrace that 80 per cent of older people said that they found it difficult to find a public toilet when they needed one.
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