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free and open discussion of (or debate on) some question of public interest

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Participation in public discussions will be taken by Deputy Head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia Sergey Puzyrevsky and the head of the Moscow Regional OFAS Russia Igor Zolotarev, as well as representatives of the territorial bodies of the federal executive bodies, prosecutors of the Moscow region, state authorities and local governments of the Moscow region, as well as representatives of economic entities and public associations.
As a result of the public discussion, about 100 amendments were introduced to the draft of the Constitution and the Supreme Court adopted the Constitution on December 8, 1992.
Nurbek Toktakunov concludes appropriate public discussion of the document did not take place.
The public discussion was briefly interrupted after a representative of the aMovement for Civic Controla threw eggs at the DKEVR members.
public discussions on Georgian-Russian relations and setting up of the Young Political Experts' Club.
Talking to reporters here on his first visit after his elevation as Union Minister in the UPA -II Government, Tewari said: "Being right or wrong is not an issue, we will have to think about the nature of public discussion.
Register to take part in the public discussion at www.
In their study -- ``10-Year Strategy to End Homelessness: Public Discussion Draft'' -- the authors recommended that various city and county agencies and philanthropic organizations hold meetings to discuss the strategies, which include reducing homelessness among welfare recipients and those released from jails, hospitals and foster care.
Crooks was one of more than three dozen people who testified during the public discussion session of the two-day FDA Advisory Committee meeting on Tysabri that began March 7, 2006.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Il has ordered ruling party and military leaders to ''strictly crack down'' on public discussion about who may succeed him, South Korea's Yonhap News Agency reported Sunday.
Cappio's 11-day fast ended when Brazilian President Lula da Silva promised more public discussion of the project.
McKinnon is well-known for submitting public discussion papers on how Northerners can take back their natural resources, and advocates creating a separate province in Northern Ontario.
Where they appear in public discussion, it is usually to find more ways to cut them back or cut them off.
When I arrived in India in 2003, there was virtually no public discussion about opening up the retail sector to foreign investment.
The government agency issued its clarification "without benefit of public discussion and input," notes National Collegiate Athletic Association President Myles Brand.
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