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one of the three sections of the hipbone

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In addition, symphysis pubis diastasis represents a condition which has been associated with pregnancy and childbirth.
Pelvic abnormalities included hypoplasia and delayed ossification of ilium, ischium and pubis and sloping acetabular roofs.
In our study most common site of pelvic fractures observed was in the pubis, about 88 cases (67.7%) followed by ilium 83 (63.8%), ischium 61 (46.9%), sacrum 21 (16.2%) and multiple pelvic ring fracture in 23 (17.8%) cases.
pubis. After five minutes, the movement of the parasites markedly diminished, and they were easily detached from the eyelashes.
We hereby present the first case, of infectious pubis symphysitis following RARP, in a patient without any radiation therapy exposure.
Management of chronic symphysis pubis pain following child birth with spinal cord stimulator.
In this article, we report a pregnancy-related osteitis pubis case which had significant symptomatic and radiographic improvement after two steroid injections.
Logue, "Post-radiotherapy osteomyelitis of the symphysis pubis: computed tomographic features," Clinical Radiology, vol.
pubis , also known as crab louse or pubic louse, is commonly transmitted sexually [sup][1] and may infest pubic hair and perianal areas, legs, forearms, chest, eyebrows, axillary hair and beard, and rarely involves the eyelashes (phthiriasis palpebrarum).
"Cohen has spent all the money on the orange paint for face, and leave no money for wig."Now, I know what happened to Pamela Anderson pubis. It is on his head."
Se utilizaron 30 cadaveres adultos formalizados al 10% de la III Catedra de Anatomia de la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, 18 hombes y 12 mujeres, en los cuales se diseco la pared anterior del abdomen hasta observar los 3 pilares de insercion del musculo oblicuo externo en el pubis, tanto del lado derecho como izquierdo.
More extreme requests include pubis fat pad removal which makes the penis appear larger.
This pathology is called symphysis pubis diastasis (SPD), and epidemiological studies estimate a 2.8 percent incidence of SPD in women during and post labor [5].