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an abnormal adhesion of two or more structures

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a growing together of parts or structures

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A frequency distribution was also created for the mean ages (point estimates) per pubic symphysis composite score, and again the sides were pooled.
For each individual, the last slice (20 cm from the lower [inferior] edge of the pubic symphysis) on T1WI was chosen for drawing region of interests (ROIs) (area 50 mm 2).
In our cases, despite the restriction imposed by the integrity of the ischium and the sacrotuberous ligament and the possible limitation of deformation of the pubic symphysis, proper implant positioning on the cranial bone segment was only obtained after the plate was fixed due to the traction made by the cortical screws.
The second case had short stature, bilateral growth failure in the clavicles (pseudoarthrosis on the right side and lateral aplasia on the left one), widened pubic symphysis, coxa vara, dental problems, progressive scoliosis/kyphosis, and a positive family history.
Testicular rupture typically occurs when the testis is forced against the inferior pubic ramus or the pubic symphysis as a result of rapid deceleration and an applied force of 50 kg has been shown to be sufficient for testicular rupture [7, 8].
CDFI revealed that sparse color flow signals were seen around the urethra, the bladder neck was 19 mm above the pubic symphysis, the uterus was 17 mm above the pubic symphysis, and ampulla portion of rectum was located at the pubic symphysis.
We then used a modified Stoppa technique by placing the 6 x 6 in Prolene mesh under the damaged internal inguinal ring, making sure the spermatic cord on the left side was not injured or pinched, securing it in place using sutures, including direct suturing to the periosteum of the repaired pubic symphysis and the plate as needed.
Posteroanterior (PA) skiagram of the pelvis revealed a gap in the region of the pubic symphysis with the distance between the two bones of nearly 1.5 cm [Figure 1].
The APP is defined as the plane created by the bilateral anterior superior iliac spines and the pubic symphysis (Fig.
A long midline incision was given from xiphisternum to the pubic symphysis extending across the thoracic cage and a second Incision was given along the inguinal ligament extending from pubic symphysis to the anterior superior iliac spine.
Cystogram showed no vesicoureteral reflux, but congenital diastasis of the pubic symphysis was detected in voiding cysto-uretrography (Figure 1).
X-ray pelvis revealed hypoplastic iliac bones and pseudo-widening of the pubic symphysis and also coxa vera [Figure 4].
Treatment of osteitis pubis and osteomyelitis of the pubic symphysis in athletes: a systematic review.
During the operation that ensued, a 3 cm-long tract running closely to the pubic symphysis and extending toward the bladder was totally resected (Figure 1d).
The distributions of clinical characteristics including age, GTV size, and distance of the proximal-most end of the GTV to pubic symphysis were calculated for the total population and compared according to tumor location (proximal medial thigh, other thigh, and buttock).