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the lower part of the abdomen just above the external genital organs

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"About three weeks later, the patient experienced substantial hair loss on her head as well as severe alopecia on the armpits and pubic region," the doctor said.
[35] Ultrasound probe orientation In-plane Transducer position Pubic region Transducer tilt Not required Needle-ultrasound beam angle Small Nerve stimulation guidance Recommended Patient position Supine Anagnostopoulou et al.
Table 1: Distribution of adolescents according to their knowledge about signs and symptoms of STIs Knowledge about signs Boys Girls and symptoms of STIs N % N % Discharge 41 20.5 47 23.5 Burning during micturition 53 26.5 57 28.5 Itching in private parts 37 18.5 38 19 Ulcer in pubic region 35 17.5 39 19.5 Swelling in groin region 35 17.5 23 11.5 Pain in lower back region 30 15 87 43.5 Menstruation-related problems 4 2 64 32 Knowledge about signs Total and symptoms of STIs N % Discharge 88 22 Burning during micturition 110 27.5 Itching in private parts 75 18.8 Ulcer in pubic region 74 18.5 Swelling in groin region 58 14.5 Pain in lower back region 117 29.3 Menstruation-related problems 68 17 [chi square] = 62.141; df = 6; p = 0.000.
(1,2) Common sites of origin are face, upper extremity, axilla, trunk, thigh, scalp and pubic region. Acrospiroma of breast is very rare and only few cases have been reported in English literature.
To the extent that Playboy models exemplify cultural ideals for the female body, the current majority preference among North American men may be a hairless female pubic region, although we are not aware of any peer-reviewed research that speaks to this.
There are many internal orifices where one organ ends and another begins such as the trachea, oesophagus and pubic region. When a person is obese, the hernial rings located at such orifices are already under strain.
The pain in this condition manifests in the pubic region and lower abdomen, as well as along the inner thigh region, usually on both sides.
Coyote's first story is from 30 years ago, when girlfriends at a slumber party made fun of Coyote's "bald as an egg" pubic region and "training-braless chest." Other stories are more recent, such as about having top surgery (breast removal) after 19 years of binding.
However, the suit claims that then-deputy sergeant Terry Nutall lifted the sheet to an area "below the pubic region" and exclaimed, "Damn, she's still looking good, huh?" Weir seeks damages pursuant to his former position as a special unit officer.
The right and left Iliac (Iliac= superior part of hip bone) or inguinal regions are lateral to the hypogastric (hypo= below) or pubic region, which is inferior to the umbilical area.
Co-infection with two different HPV-6 genomic variants was identified in one 64-year-old female patient from whom warts from perianal skin, the pubic region, and femoral fold skin were collected at the time of surgery.
"I hate hair." She told me about a friend, someone who regularly bathes in her pool, whose pubic region looks "like an old gnome, with a beard."
She has been vajazzled by Tiffanys - this involves putting a jewel above the pubic region. And to me William's hair is rarer than a unicorn's horn."
The article is applied to a pubic region and a body fluid inflow hole formed on the absorbent sheet body is depressed into a cylindrical shape with a bottom at the garment side and an opening at the body side with a size capable to fitting a pair of labia majoras from outside such that the pair of labia majoras pass through the opening.
According to Philips' own research, one in three men shave their 'pubic region', explaining the increasing popularity of the 'back, sac and crack' regimen.