pubic bone

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one of the three sections of the hipbone

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Bone biopsy of the parasymphyseal pubic bone region in athletes with chronic groin injury demonstrates new woven bone formation consistent with a diagnosis of pubic bone stress injury.
To finish development of the paraurethral passage, I pass standard Metzenbaum scissors through each hydrodissected tunnel until I feel the underside of the pubic bone, but no further.
Start with the second chakra and lower dan tien, above the pubic bone and below the navel, right on the bladder.
As you do this you are lengthening the area between you pubic bone and your breast bone, imagine these two points moving further apart: your abdominal muscles are getting longer, leaner and flatter.
A woman can wear it snugly around her pubic bone during sex for a little extra buzz in all the right places, and it leaves her partner plenty of space for his or her part in the missionary, and other, activity.
Another casualty, new-boy Jelavic, says he is frustrated his career at Everton has been put on hold, as he continues to suffer from athletic pubalgia, an inflammation of the pubic bone.
The study involved 65 elderly postmenopausal women hospitalized for painful pubic bone fractures to be treated without surgery.
This could happen if someone enthusiastically plunges his penis into his partner, or a pillow, let's say, but instead hits a pubic bone or headboard.
It usually involves the pubic bone, symphysis, and surrounding structures.
Incidence of pubic bone marrow oedema in Australian rules football players: relation to groin pain.
But, on April 13, 2006, he Xrayed the 11-year-old after a traffic accident - using a method which involved feeling the pubic bone to position the patient, rather than an accepted visual method.
As you bend forward like this," he demonstrated, getting on all fours, "the distance between your pubic bone and your coccyx gets wider.
It's my pubic bone that's inflamed at the moment and it's all linked to my back.
Shoulder dystocia occurs either when the baby's anterior shoulder is trapped behind the mother's pubic bone (the most common presentation) or when the baby's posterior shoulder becomes trapped in the hollow of the mother's tailbone.
CT images reveal a large heterogeneous mass erupting through the posterior cortex of the right pubic bone and occupying most of the right pelvis (Figure 2).