pubic bone

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one of the three sections of the hipbone

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She then eases upwards a centimetre or two so her clitoral region touches your pubic bone. This creates more tension between your pubic bones and also with your penis and her vagina.
The superficial passage involves the same maneuvers, except this time I'm looking for the junction of the inferior pubic ramus with the body of the pubic bone. With my finger in the paravaginal space, I dissect any intervening tissue away from the fascia of the obturator internus muscle at this junction.
The space behind the pubic bone that the needle has to pass through to get to these abdominal incisions has a very rich blood supply, with the potential for injury to large blood vessels in the pelvis and heavy bleeding at the time of surgery.
Any running was putting pressure on the pubic bone and left me in agony.
The Northampton goal-kicker, who faces a six-week lay-off because of an inflamed pubic bone, admits he is "bitterly disappointed" about being sidelined.
Likewise, after the age of 40, because of falling hormone levels, the muscles in the pelvis start to weaken and the contents of the pelvis, including the vagina and bladder, can bulge downward under gravity, known as a prolapse, and Pubic bone Bladder Uterus Rectum Spine PELVIC FLOOR VAGINA can lead to urinary incontinence.
Pubiotomy is where the pubic bone is severed to assist in the delivery .
"I needed to have injections directly into the pubic bone which wasn't that pleasant but it made a big difference.
The fatal blow sliced through an artery and a vein, the knife even going into Mr Kennedy's pubic bone.
In a walk, the heel of the foot can press away from the pubic bone and center of the body to deepen the contraction, which would ultimately happen in a standing attitude front, flexed.
Many women find that when they are in the "cowgirl" position their clitoris rubs on their partner's pubic bone while he is penetrating them and they can also control the depth and speed of intercourse.
The international duo missed big chunks of last term with respective pubic bone and foot injuries but worked hard on their own over the summer to get into top shape.
Southgate added that Egyptian striker Mido was on his way back after a long battle to shake off a stress fracture of the pubic bone.
"The specialist in Holland says the problem is my stomach but the specialist in England says it's my pubic bone, so it's hard," Achterberg said.
ThereOs a line, called the linea alba, running from the tummy button to the top of the pubic bone. ItOs present in all women, but is not noticeable as itOs the same colour as the skin.