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(of animals especially human beings) having arrived at the onset of puberty (the age at which sex glands become functional) but not yet fully mature

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covered with fine soft hairs or down

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Branchlets dark purple or purplish brown, branches are flexible and have capacity to bear load: Stipules caduceus, linear-lanceolate, petiole 2-4.5 cm, sparsely pubescent or glabrous; leaf blade ovate, or sub orbicular, glabrous, base rounded or subcordate, margin shortly spinulose-serrate, apex long or shortly acuminate.
Correlation of the adjusted percentage of oxidized [.sup.13]C-glucose dose at 180 minutes with different insulin resistance surrogates BMI HOMA-IR FPI 2-h OGTT PI FPG All -0.659 -0.473 -0.473 -0.413 -0.164 (*) Pubescent -0.649 -0.531 -0.508 -0.443 -0.279 Post-pubescent -0.664 -0.492 -0.481 -0.415 -0.161 (*) 2-h OGTT PG All -0.381 Pubescent -0.426 Post-pubescent -0.330 (Spearman's rank correlation coefficient of the adjusted percentage of oxidized [.sup.13]C-glucose dose at 180 minutes with different insulin resistance surrogates and glucose metabolism markers, p<0.05).
Mesosternum punctuate and pubescent laterally; mesosternum scar oval well-defined, punctuate and densely pubescent.
Abdomen: Brown; setation comprised of dense long white setae, surface entirely smooth; T1-7 brown; T1-7 long white setose; T1 apubescent, T2-7 grey pubescent; S1-7 brown; S1 asetose, S2-7 sparsely white setose; S predominantly apubescent; T2-4 parallel-sided and not constricted waist-like; bullae on T2 black, transversely elongate, surface entirely smooth, T2 surface anterior to bullae smooth.
"There's a major question about whether attraction to pubescent children is normal or abnormal," said Dr.
Teenagers will sympathize with a pubescent Potter who must (like Spiderman and other adolescent heroes) save the world while trying to get up the nerve to ask a really cute girl to the high school dance.
The advent of the cultivar CDC Maria, possessing glabrous-hulls (Hucl et al., 2001), and the resulting 'Canario' commodity class with a fixed tolerance for 1% pubescent contaminants, has produced a need to validate current isolation requirements for pedigreed seed production.
Presiding over this magic are Ackermann's familiar figures with their cat eyes and small breasts--feral, pubescent quasi self-portraits reminiscent of Darger's Vivian girls.
Born in Disneyland, raised in Harajuku, and nurtured on McDonald's--they were hanging out in this playground for the pubescent." Another writer, Natsuo Kirino, captures the mood of the street, the not unpleasant sense-barrage that is Kabukicho, in her novel Out.
Still, when it comes to indigenous film it's hardly atypical for a feature to germinate from the idea of a young child quickly rotting in a field and evolve into a coming--of--age story about a pubescent boy, his sexual confusion, his zombie dad, and his ghoulish, decaying, homoerotic play pal.
I don't know when it ever seemed easy to become a pro, but this guys seems to think it was much easier "then" than compared to "now" because of the increased "stuntsmanship," which will have dire consequences for the entire industry and the hopes and dreams of pubescent lads everywhere.
The November/December 2001 issue discusses cliques and bullies and how to talk to pubescent daughters about body changes; there's also a good guide to evaluating teen magazines.