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the time of life when sex glands become functional


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discedens Bonvouloir differ from most Lissomus species by the subparallel elytral margins and body with long and conspicuous grey pubescence. It differs from L.
Original description of Toxotus auricomusThe pubescence of the body is slightlylonger, extraordinary dense, tomentose, golden yellow; it covered dorsal surface completely.
Heavy pubescence confers resistance against pink bollworm, thrips and jassids.
Three hundred and eighty genotypes of tomato were investigated for genetic diversity for nine seedling traits and considerable genetic variation was observed for all the traits except pubescence. Only two genotypes (19901 and 6836-9) were glabrous, whereas all others had hair on the hypocotyl.
Head more or less micropunctate, shiny; pubescence on head pale, somewhat shorter than the diameter of lateral ocellus.
Trees 4-25 m tall; bark exfoliating in smooth flakes over most larger limbs, the inner bark smooth, creamy, pale rose to dark cinnamon, the bark on base of trunk and eventually over the oldest parts of plant retained as pale gray, checkered, isodiametric or rectangular segments; bark of second-year branchlets soon exfoliating, leaving the inner bark smooth, reddish to dark-cinnamon sometimes with some glaucous cover; twigs of current year and petioles densely glandular pubescent, the glandular hairs 0.2-1.5(-2.5) mm long, mixed with eglandular hoary pubescence of shorter and curled hairs.
DIAGNOSIS: The striking antennal structure with segment I longest, beset with dense pubescence, is shared among the abovementioned apterous genera only by Allelocoris (1 sp.
Gone were the sedgy ponds of the south and constraints of pubescence. It was time to buy a house and put a television in it, fill the bookcases with good and great literature.
A have reduced metasomal fascia and reduced pubescence on the hind legs relative to that of normal females, so the further reduction of such pubescence might be thought of as hyper-masculine traits.
Pronotum closely punctate on upper periphery, centrally smooth, its lower 0.3 or so with a few longitudinal rugae; mesoscutum coarsely punctate (Figure 5), with notaular area slightly rugose; scutellum very strongly transverse, with posterior end of lateral longitudinal carina produced into a long point that barely reaches 0.5 of metanotum (Figures 5, 6); mesopleuron centrally finely and moderately sparsely punctate; metapleuron with few pubescence dorsally, ventrally smooth with isolated rugae.
The color of pubescence on bud scales of each plant was recorded as either brown or white.
And the pain and the awfulness of that--all done for religious reasons just as pubescence was approaching.
Although it does seriously consider social environment as a facilitator of criminal behavior, with material on the stability of criminal and analogous behaviors across the life span and continuity in antisocial potential, this review also explains neuropsychological functioning, gender differences in brain processes and laterality, and the role of pubescence. It recommends improvements in foster care, counseling and education for all concerned, pharmaceutical therapies, health care for women and newborns, intervention for addicted pregnant women, universal preschool, mental health and drug counseling, and juvenile justice.