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the time of life when sex glands become functional


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Original description of Toxotus auricomusThe pubescence of the body is slightlylonger, extraordinary dense, tomentose, golden yellow; it covered dorsal surface completely.
A second major gene, H2 controls the finely dense pubescence in an upland mutant designated as'pilose'.
hypocotyl color, hypocotyl color intensity, hypocotyl pubescence, overall leaf color, midrib color, seedling vigor, primary leaf length (mm), primary leaf width (mm) and hypocotyl length (mm) according to the descriptors by IPGRI (http://www.
Head very sparsely micropunctate, shiny; pubescence on head brown, somewhat shorter than diameter of lateral ocellus.
xalapensis (including its glandular morphs) by the following combination of characters: a) twigs of current year and petioles densely glandular pubescent, the glandular hairs mixed with eglandular hoary pubescence of shorter and curled hairs (vs.
It can be easily distinguished by body color predominantly reddish-brown, distinctly lighter than in those species, and body pubescence on vertex, preoccipital border, and anterior margin of mesoscutum much shorter and sparser, and on disc of mesoscutellum practically absent (Figs.
DESCRIPTION: Small-sized apterous Mezirinae; body elongate oval, attenuated anteriorly, surface of body, legs and antennae projecting and elevated structures with dense erect pubescence, the setae stiff and curved at apex.
conradti is easy to separate from the other two because the male protibia has a spine; the others share the character of the absence of a spine on the male protibia, however they can be separated by the pubescence on elytra and pygidium, which is yellowish in D.
Gone were the sedgy ponds of the south and constraints of pubescence.
A have reduced metasomal fascia and reduced pubescence on the hind legs relative to that of normal females, so the further reduction of such pubescence might be thought of as hyper-masculine traits.
5 of metanotum (Figures 5, 6); mesopleuron centrally finely and moderately sparsely punctate; metapleuron with few pubescence dorsally, ventrally smooth with isolated rugae.
The color of pubescence on bud scales of each plant was recorded as either brown or white.
And the pain and the awfulness of that--all done for religious reasons just as pubescence was approaching.
Although it does seriously consider social environment as a facilitator of criminal behavior, with material on the stability of criminal and analogous behaviors across the life span and continuity in antisocial potential, this review also explains neuropsychological functioning, gender differences in brain processes and laterality, and the role of pubescence.