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the time of life when sex glands become functional


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The maximum variation in fruit infestation was explained by length of ovary pubescence (82.
It varies considerably in pubescence on both surfaces of the lamina.
9) with flagellar pubescence about half as long as width of segments; fore wing with sparse microtrichia, marginal cilia 0.
As these markers of space trespass upon each other and struggle to dominate the spatial coordinates of the narrative, Tambu also changes in the face of her approaching pubescence.
DIAGNOSIS: The striking antennal structure with segment I longest, beset with dense pubescence, is shared among the abovementioned apterous genera only by Allelocoris (1 sp.
Trial was undertaken with 20 characteristics of the aerial part and roots, and mainly evidenced the occurrence of variability among the accesses proportionate to the pubescence characteristics of the apex rames, the inferior ribbing pigmentation leaves and roots.
The two varieties differ only in the type and extent of pubescence, var.
Both films were shot over an extended period of time, as is evident from the changing of seasons and the fact that Akira enters pubescence in Nobody Knows; his hair grows long, and his voice breaks.
Erikson defines pubescence as a period which is "characterized by the rapidity of body growth, genital maturity, and sexual awareness" (Muuss, 1996, p.
Gone were the sedgy ponds of the south and constraints of pubescence.
A have reduced metasomal fascia and reduced pubescence on the hind legs relative to that of normal females, so the further reduction of such pubescence might be thought of as hyper-masculine traits.
Berlusconi and these happy reality show strippers together produced the next generation of young women, called "veline": Showgirls who, starting at pubescence, train with the determination of Olympic athletes to appear on news shows dressed in bikinis and dance during lulls to keep the audience from changing the channel.
These associations may reflect changes in hormone levels that may affect both body mass index and timing of pubescence.
And the pain and the awfulness of that--all done for religious reasons just as pubescence was approaching.