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Synonyms for puberty



Synonyms for puberty

the time of life between childhood and maturity

Synonyms for puberty

the time of life when sex glands become functional

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Adding poor body image and possible bullying to the stresses of puberty can create an increased risk for mental health problems.
Girls who went through earlier puberty are still showing higher rates of depressive symptoms and anti-social behaviour than their peers well over a decade past adolescence,' Mendle said.
The book explores the varied and diverse ways female bodies respond to puberty, ultimately declaring that no matter how ones body matures compared to others, it is exactly how it should be.
5 In this pilot study, we looked at the sources of information about puberty and sex education among males and females, age at which they learned about them, and the opinions on the role of schools and parents in imparting this education among medical students.
USA], Sep 22 ( ANI ): A recent study has found that girls hit puberty earlier and suffer significant changes in their brains, if they have been touched intimately.
We found that leptin significantly upregulated the LEPR in the adipose tissue of goat at the puberty onset stage.
Researchers then compared the socioeconomic status, based on families' annual income, education and occupations, of children who started puberty early versus those who didn't.
We don't know why puberty begins when it does even though we know many of the controlling factors," Dr.
The 12-year study unexpectedly found that when children reach puberty, girls and boys experience a rapid drop in the number of calories they burn, at a time when the number would be expected to rise with the growth spurt.
One of the hardest, of course, is talking to teens about puberty, both because it's a sensitive, very personal subject, and because teenagers are very easily embarrassed Indeed, new research suggests 68% of parents are unsure about how to even start the puberty conversation, and a quarter avoid the talk completely, leading to more than half of teenagers (53%) obtaining information and advice from friends and the internet.
Nadia's daughter, Maddie, says: "I know that talking to mum might not always seem like the easiest thing to do, especially about topics like puberty.
One of the hardest is talking to teens about puberty because it's a sensitive, very personal subject and because teenagers are very easily embarrassed.
Physical changes associated with puberty may conflict with functional and aesthetic ideals for a career in ballet.