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Synonyms for puberty



Synonyms for puberty

the time of life between childhood and maturity

Synonyms for puberty

the time of life when sex glands become functional

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Early puberty is also considered a cause for a variety of diseases later in life such as an increased risk of breast cancer in females.
High fat diet is thought to accelerate the onset of puberty but our work demonstrates that rats fed a high salt diet even with a high fat diet will still show a delay in puberty onset.
Sharing all of his raw, awkward and unfiltered experiences of puberty into young adulthood, Bishoff hopes to engage the inner pre-teen in all of us.
They said that no age is prescribed in Islamabad in connection with marriage and if a girl reaches puberty age of 15 or 16 years she should be got married.
If hypogonadism occurs after puberty as a result of chemotherapy, for instance, sperm production will be reduced.
Perry said, "We identified over 100 regions of the genome that were associated with puberty timing.
Lead author Dr John Perry from the University of Cambridge said that normally, the inherited physical characteristics reflect a roughly average combination of our parents' genomes, but imprinted genes place unequal weight on the influence of either the mother's or the father's genes, it was found that one parent may more profoundly affect puberty timing in their daughters than the other parent.
In fact, he will have a wealth of information he could pass on, as he went through puberty himself and lived to tell the tale.
Dear EarthTalk: Is it true that American kids are going through puberty earlier today than in previous generations, and are there any environmental causes for this?
A presentation at The Endocrine Society's 95th Annual Meeting held in San Francisco this year revealed a greater risk of precocious puberty in girls with deficient levels of vitamin D in comparison with girls who entered puberty at a normal age.
Today it has become common for girls to enter puberty before discovering Are You There God?
To start, kids, especially girls, appear to be maturing sooner--a 2008 paper in Pediatrics pointed to evidence that girls are entering puberty earlier now than in the mid-20th century.
CHILDREN with a condition that leaves them thinking they were born the wrong sex are being given injections to delay puberty, it emerged yesterday.
Straight Talk About Puberty For Boys" (9781559426336, 18 min.
The puberty ritual in Sri Lanka; a comparative exploration of perceptions and attitudes between Buddhists and Christians.