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excessive flow of saliva

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Women with ptyalism reported that the condition disrupted their prenatal health: 40% said it interfered with swallowing, 30% said their sense of taste was adversely affected, 30% cited interference with sleep, and 27% said ptyalism affected their speech.
Respondents noticed a modest relationship between ptyalism severity and diet.
1[degrees]C), tachycardia, ([double dagger]) mildly enlarged right popliteal lymph node, ([section]) blepharitis, hunched posture, stiff gait Jun 8 No abnormalities Aug 8 No abnormalities Dog 2 Sep 19 Fever (41[degrees]C), ptyalism, joint pain, ([double dagger]) lameness in right rear limb ([section]) Sep 28 No abnormalities Oct 25 No abnormalities Dog 3 Sep 17 Fever (41[degrees]C), abdominal pain, ([section]) # dehydration, peripheral lymphadenomegaly (popliteal and prescapular lymph nodes), conjunctivitis Sep 23 No abnormalities ([double dagger]) Oct 25 No abnormalities Date of Hematologic, biochemical, evaluation, and serum electrophoresis 2005 abnormalities ([dagger]) Dog 1 May 31 Left shift neutrophilia (segmented 11,700; ([double dagger]) bands: 468) and thrombocytopenia (112).
Treatment for ptyalism was not necessary in this parrot; however, treatment in other species generally involves surgical resection or medical treatment with anticholinergics or botulinum toxin A injections.
Key words: sialocele, sialolith, ptyalism, salivation, sialorrhea, avian, bird, yellow-naped Amazon parrot, Amazona ochrocephala auropalliata
The dog was hospitalized after 3 days of lethargy, anorexia, polydipsia, ocular discharge, and difficulty in rising that had progressed to fever, listlessness, weakness, ptyalism, nasal and ocular discharge, watery diarrhea, and abdominal pain.