pterygoid process

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two bony processes descending from the body of the sphenoid bone

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When present, pterygoalar recesses of the sphenoidal sinus were extending within the greater wing and the root of the pterygoid process.
Calyptocephalellidae diagnosable on the basis of the following combination of characters (autapomorphies marked by asterisk): 1) relatively well-developed pterygoid process of the maxilla, 2) unsculptured alveolar region of the labial face of the maxilla dorsoventrally narrow *, 3) premaxilla with anterior portion of palatine shelf well defined in lingual view, 4) atlantal cotyles bean-shaped *, 5) unfused atlas and second presacral vertebra, 6) strong anteroposterior extension of sacral vertebral diapophyses *.
4,6,7 Other locations include external auditory cannal, orbit, temporal bone and pterygoid process.
Computed tomography (CT) showed extensive pneumatization of the sphenoid sinus into the pterygoid process (figure 1).
The lesion was reaching up to pterygoid process with compression and thinning of pterygoid process.