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This strange, unique novel (with an awesome title) is essentially an extended riff on the fantastic notion of a pterodactyl boyfriend.
The majority of Dino-Stone Park will open its doors and rides such as Twistosaurus, Cyclosaur, Pterodactyl, Dino Roller and Rotataur will have the kids giggling.
5), Meghan Rosen announced the discovery of the pterodactyl Kryptodrakon progenitor, an early ancestor to some of the largest reptiles to take to the air.
The Air Force of Uzbekistan purchased military drones from China, Pterodactyl I, produced at the Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group.
Also highly recommended is the author's previous children's book featuring Bronto, "Bronto & the Pterodactyl Eggs" (9780984442249, $14.
The costumes used for the prehistoric gang - including a triceratops, pterodactyl, stegosaurus, diplodocus and the huge and fearsome Captain Tyrannosaurus Rex - are brilliant.
Mike Soutar's Rubik's Cube bait - the best stitch-up since: "Show me your Reverse Pterodactyl.
Tyrannosaurus in the Veggie Patch 120pp ISBN 9781742756554 SCIS 1591384; A Pterodactyl Ate My Homework 119pp ISBN 9781742756561 SCIS 1591383 Random House (Saurus Street), 2013 $12.
The EXTRAORDINARY ADVENTURES oF aDele BlaNc-Sec Film4 9PM PREMIERE Louise Bougoin keeps her bonnet on while keeping up with the Joneses - Bridget and Indiana - as a pterodactyl causes panic in 1911 Paris.
As the ROM unveils its new blockbuster exhibition, Ultimate Dinosaurs: Giants from Gondwana, the ROM Museum Store is stocking a gargantuan selection of Dino-related treasures, everything from the official exhibition guidebook, written by ROM paleontologists, to games, puzzles, and an amazing Pterodactyl kite to take flight in the summer skies.
Get your finest reverse pterodactyl impressions at the ready, finalists.
In the first story, "Pterror Over Paris," Adele's quest to recover stolen goods (for her own gain) becomes bound up in the unlikely appearance of a pterodactyl that begins assaulting the citizens of Paris.
Think of a pterodactyl the predatory prehistoric bird that could give even a velociraptor a run for his money.
Only one member of Pterodactyl does not have a pterosaur inked somewhere on his body.
Pterodactyl followed up his recent course and distance success when comfortably coming four lengths clear of favourite, Busker Royal, to take the spoils in the 2m novice hurdle.