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a hygrometer consisting of a dry-bulb thermometer and a wet-bulb thermometer

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A calibration model for screen-caged Peltier thermocouple psychrometers.
Handheld moisture meters are often used to measure the moisture content of materials, and psychrometers to measure humidity; surface sampling of potentially contaminated areas is also common.
2) These digital tools enable easy interpretation of the data collected from hygrothermographs, psychrometers, or dataloggers and translate this data into practical terms relating to the overall health of the collections.
Leaf water potential was measured using thermocouple psychrometers.
Two years ago, we wrote about the pen-type and sling psychrometers.
Temperature and humidity were measured using aspirated psychrometers and a digital thermometer.
articulata and Maytenus boaria, with dewpoint-mode thermocouple psychrometers (n = 5 measurements).
The Bowen-ratio systems consisted of two aspirated psychrometers using matched Vaisala(*) humidity and temperature sensors that were encased in poly-vinyl chloride (PVC) pipes.
Soil water potential was measured 2 cm below the substrate surface at five pairs of cleared and tephra plots at sites DP and DR throughout the summer of 1982, using soil psychrometers (Wescor, Logan, Utah, USA).
Among its new products stocked by Newark InOne are: multimeters and clamp meters with built-in infrared thermometers, psychrometers, sound level monitors, paperless humidity and temperature chart recorders and photo/contact tachometers.
In one case the students decided to utilize sling psychrometers to measure relative humidity and obtain dewpoint temperatures.
Psychrometers with mercury thermometers were used to monitor the RH, whereas for the LRH absorption and maintenance calcium chloride was used.
1]) for the youngest fully expanded leaf per plant (fourth or fifth leaf from the top on the plant) were determined for leaves from three plants per plot with leaf cutter thermocouple psychrometers (JRD Merrill Specialty Equipment, Logan, UT).