psychotropic agent

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a chemical substance that can influence human consciousness

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Hepatotoxicity with psychotropic agents is uncommon with standard dosing.
The figures available for systematic control studies to calculate the welfare of psychotropic agents in young patients is limited even from HIC3.
Therefore, it is imperative to have a thorough understanding of psychotropicinduced weight gain, including the relative incidence between psychotropic agents and the pharmacological basis for the adverse effect.
Suboptimal blood vitamin D status are common among certain other groups, including the obese, those with impaired gastrointestinal absorption of vitamin D, those taking anti-epileptic or psychotropic agents, and institutionalized persons, such as those in nursing homes, group homes, and developmental disability centers (less sun exposure).
More white children and more children aged 11 years or under received psychotropic agents as well as multiple psychotropic agents, Dr.
In this review, we report the ocular adverse effects of common psychotropic agents and conclude that the majority of the psychotropic drug induced eye disorders can easily be prevented, supervised and even be reversed, if both the clinicians and the patients become aware of ocular sign and symptoms.
The top seven exposures according to the ToxIC registry were to cardiac drugs (16%), psychotropic agents (15%), street drugs/alcohol (13%), analgesics (9%), cleaning products (6.
Commonly prescribed drugs, such as antibiotics, psychotropic agents and histamine HI-receptor antagonists, can prolong cardiac repolarization and might trigger a polymorphic ventricular tachycardia called torsades de pointes (1).
Black box warnings on antipsychotics led to a decrease in their use to treat patients with dementia, without a commensurate increase in use of antianxiety or other psychotropic agents but with a rise in the use of anticonvulsant therapies, some of which appear to be riskier than the antipsychotics in older patients.
A number of psychotropic agents that are potent enzyme inducers are contraindicated for use with almost all antiretroviral agents as they can seriously compromise antiretroviral therapy; these include carbamazepine, phenytoin, primidone and St John's wort.
It is difficult to determine whether clozapine induces tardive dyskinesia, because treatment with the agent is often initiated only after a patient has had prolonged exposure to other psychotropic agents, including high-dose FGAs.
They discuss basic concepts and definitions related to neurocognition, genetics, the impact of affective, anxiety, and psychotic symptoms on cognition, how this knowledge can influence therapy, and the cognitive effects of psychotropic agents.
Goals included management of psychotropic agents to foster behavioral stability, provision of ongoing behavioral resources for LTC staff, residents, and families, and reduction of inpatient hospitalizations.
manage psychotropic agents taken by LTC residents to foster their continued stabilization (In this article, "LTC residents" includes those in skilled nursing, assisted living, and other senior care environments);