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Today's Iraq--or rather, yesteday's Iraq--is a totalitarian dictatorship ruled by an obviously psychotic person.
A psychotic person will find a psychotic solution to Oedipal conflict.
Sollish's psychotic delusions are reality-based rather than the stereotypical delusions of a psychotic person who conjures up space ships and aliens, he said.
The plight of the Western schizophrenic person and the way in which the social role and alienation of the psychotic person shape the course of the illness are examined in Chapter 8.
Hospital treatment for a psychotic person should involve careful administration of antipsychotic medications plus caring human contact, which is essential.
Persecutory delusions are more likely than any other psychiatric symptom to lead a psychotic person to commit homicide.
Cronenberg and screenwriter Patrick McGrath, who adapted his own novel, use the same strategy as the makers of the most popular recent film about a person with schizophenia, "A Beautiful Mind," insofar as they draw us into the action as it is perceived by the psychotic person.