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emotionally purging


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Service psychotherapeutic intervention in addictive behaviors: Therapeutic Community Valls Occidental.
Mindfulness is a psychotherapeutic intervention that is "more experiential than cognitive.
Among several new initiatives, it recognizes psychotherapy as a scientific and effective treatment method and specifies that psychotherapeutic services should be provided in all types of medical facilities.
For those either new to Le Guin and interested in an overview of her life's work so far, or those who are interested in a psychotherapeutic approach to literary interpretation, Lindow's books is a welcome companion.
As we know, in psychotherapeutic techniques, conflicts are restaged through transference; that is, the emotion of an old psychic theme is projected onto the analyst.
As we increase the person's exposure to anxiety, we are also practising cognitive therapy [a psychotherapeutic approach that addresses dysfunctional emotions and maladaptive behaviours] to help them cope with anxiety," Dr Afridi added.
Prospective and observational semi-structured interviews and therapeutic sessions were conducted with the infants and their caregivers utilising Maldonado-Duran's multi-modal parent-infant psychotherapy method and Lieberman's child-parent psychotherapeutic model.
I can't say that a direct relationship exists between the reduction of recidivism and an increase in the psychotherapeutic intervention.
Even then, the term "clinical mental health counseling" was used to designate those qualified to provide psychotherapeutic counseling services.
Cardiovascular drugs, including calcium channel blockers and diuretics, cost $29 billion, whereas antacids, antidiarrheals, and other gastrointestinal medications cost $20 billion- the same total spent on antidepressants, antipsychotics, and other psychotherapeutic drugs, according to the agency.
L'Abate states his fundamental belief about play in the prologue: "Play throughout the life span is an important aspect of any health promotional, preventative, psychotherapeutic, and rehabilitative interventions because play, in its various forms, is still an important part of life.
This is a highly contested field, with bitter and not seldom ideological conflicts between proponents of different psychotherapeutic schools.
The present study examined the effectiveness of a multimodal psychotherapeutic approach, combining cognitive-behavioral therapy and hypnosis (CBTH), to reduce negative affect and increase positive affect in 40 women undergoing breast cancer radiotherapy.
emergency care, consultancies, forensic psychiatry), and updates on key diagnostic, psychopharmacologic and psychotherapeutic modalities.
Such patients submit with great difficulty to pharmacological treatment and require psychotherapeutic treatment.