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brain surgery on human patients intended to relieve severe and otherwise intractable mental or behavioral problems

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Lothar Kalinowsky and his colleagues suggested that Burckhardt had faith in psychosurgery, but apparently stopped working.
The Zomba lunatic asylum in Nyasaland only became a "mental hospital" administered by the Medical Department in 1951, and even this reform was superficial: with no resident psychiatrist, an untrained staff employed psychosurgery, electroshock therapy, and psychoactive drugs more for purposes of control than for treatment.
99) This includes "assisted suicides" of severely disabled people, parental participation in the starvation of disabled newborns in hospitals, sexual abuse in the isolation of the nuclear family, routine physical abuse in institutional settings, and an array of medical practices legitimized as necessary, such as electro-convulsive therapy, psychosurgery, eugenic sterilization, medical experimentation, and extensive medicating and adverse behavioral modification.
He cited psychosurgery, organ transplants and genetic manipulation, as well as sterilization and brainwashing of criminals, as special areas of concern.
A century later, American physicians Vernon Mark, Frank Ervin and William Sweet proposed that urban rebellions were caused by brain damaged individuals who could be cured by psychosurgery (lobotomy).
This book discusses the causes of brain damage and prevention of brain damage, covering such detailed information as Impact Damage--motor vehicle accidents, contact sports, noncontact sports, accidental injuries of children, brain impairment and family violence, assault, psychosurgery, and ECT and permanent brain damage; and Chemical Damage--industroal toxins, agricultural and domestic neurotoxic substances, neuropsychology of alcohol-induced brain damage, neurological and neuropsychological consequences of drug abuse, and neuropsychological consequences of drug malnutrition.
15)Law includes surgery; in Massachusetts, law excludes psychosurgery.
Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD); Psychosurgery for OCD;
6(d) (West 2013) ("Under no circumstances shall psychosurgery be performed on a minor.
Bearing names like Operation Bluebird, Project X, Operation Paperclip, and Operation Artichoke, the CIA employed teams of psychiatrists using LSD, electroshock, psychosurgery, and sensory deprivation to break the resistance of involuntary subjects.
Use of deep-brain stimulation to control aggression raises many ethical questions because it could be considered psychosurgery, said Dr.
He explores how the states increased police power, muddled what seem to be obvious current distinctions in sexual acts, stripped the accused of basic constitutional protections, expanded institutional populations, and practiced new treatments such as shock-therapy, psychosurgery, and psychotropic drugs.
Psychosurgery is only carried out as a last resort when all other methods of treatment, including therapy, counselling and drugs, have failed.
Experts can have unusual influence when novel science is at issue, as is sometimes true in cases of interest to bioethicists - for instance, the genetics of homosexuality, the biological status of frozen human zygotes or embryos, the effects of psychosurgery, or the reliability of "genetic fingerprints.