psychosomatic disorder

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a mental disorder that causes somatic symptoms

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If no disease is apparent, doctors have, in the past, tended to diagnose patients as having a psychosomatic disorder.
Other mental problems diagnosed among the incarcerated adolescents included psychosomatic disorder (16%), anxiety disorders (12%), and panic disorder (9%).
Awareness was created about psychosomatic disorders and a need was felt for clergy and doctors to get together to look into the suffering of such people.
The BIG directly intended healthy to offer their customers for the treatment of selected mental / psychosomatic disorders an innovative supply of care.
Psychosomatic disorders are those which concern both the mind and body.
She cites various examples with her thirty years of clinical experience that privileged children, who are protected by family resources and opportunities, are experiencing depression, anxiety disorders, psychosomatic disorders, and substance abuse at higher rates than children from socio economically disadvantaged families who have traditionally been considered most at risk.
Psychologists all foresee an increase in depression, anxiety disorders, alcohol abuse and psychosomatic disorders - insomnia, fatigue and gastrointestinal illnesses - and even attempted suicides.
Crataegus laevigata is a medicinal plant most commonly used for the treatment of heart failure and psychosomatic disorders.
Shinryou-naika is a field of medicine in Japan in which general practitioners are specially trained to treat psychosomatic disorders.
Dr Elias is a big believer in the effect of the mind on the body, and psychosomatic disorders.
The use of hypnosis has been found to be particularly beneficial in treating psychosomatic disorders such as asthma, severe clinical bowel syndrome, peptic ulcer, skin conditions, allergies, and chronic pain.
Psychosomatic disorders in seventeenth-century French literature.
For all psychosomatic disorders and every physical conditions influenced by psychological factors, relaxation training seems to be a good complementary therapy.