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any severe mental disorder in which contact with reality is lost or highly distorted

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But research has suggested that it can trigger psychosis, particularly in those who are genetically vulnerable.
Forty-one patients were hospitalized for schizophrenia spectrum disorders, 47 for other forms of nonaffective psychosis, 43 for personality disorders, 111 for affective disorders, and 49 with alcohol and other substance use disorders.
Scientists conducted a small trial of people with psychosis and found patients treated with CBD had lower levels of psychotic symptoms than those who received a placebo.
USA], Dec 14 ( ANI ): According to a study, autistic people, who have psychosis, are at greater risk of depression and thoughts of suicide.
NASDAQ: ACAD) presented data from its Phase II -019 Study of pimavanserin in Alzheimer's disease psychosis at a symposium at the 10th Clinical Trials on Alzheimer's Disease meeting in Boston, the company said.
suggest ways to approach the treatment of these patients, including those with methamphetamine-induced psychosis.
Master conclusions propose that scenes might be turned away or abbreviated by presenting low-measurements neuroleptics at the principal indication of psychosis or restlessness, which regularly goes before scenes; nonetheless, minimal exact proof exists in the writing on this theme.
The Chairman of Kashmir Economic Alliance Yaseen Khan said the raids created scare among business community, who termed it a ploy to defame Kashmir business community and create fear psychosis.
The research team used insurance claims data to identify young people aged 16-30 who had been diagnosed with a first episode of psychosis in 2008-2009.
Goldstein, PhD, professor of neurology at Emory University, Atlanta, compared 48 patients with Parkinson's disease and psychosis with 96 nonpsychotic controls who also had Parkinson's disease.
THIS year, a new mum's life was turned upside down when she suffered with postpartum psychosis.
Pregnant women with bipolar disorder have a significantly higher risk of developing postpartum psychosis than other mothers, researchers say.
3) The mechanism of post-lobectomy psychosis has been postulated to be through alternative psychosis, whereby psychosis emerges after the seizures have been well controlled.
Public health workers in Nebraska have launched a new effort to help young people with psychosis manage their illnesses and move toward recovery.
has received Food and Drug Administration approval for Nuplazid (pimavanserin), indicated for the treatment of hallucinations and delusions associated with Parkinson's disease psychosis.