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the study of drugs that affect the mind

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Now I get calls from potential patients who need a psychopharmacologist.
Which, of course, emboldened a whole cottage industry of mental health advocates, from psychopharmacologists to social workers to behaviorist educators.
neurologists, pathologists and latterly neuroscientists and psychopharmacologists .
Primary-care providers prescribe anti-depressants and anti-psychotics for children without the ability to consult first with psychiatrists or psychopharmacologists.
Psychiatric residents and supervising faculty psychopharmacologists treated rEEG patients based on rEEG profile.
Many suggested that psychiatrists could ideally provide education on medications, but others noted that pharmacists, nurses, or psychopharmacologists could provide ongoing medication education.
He claims that we have not listened carefully enough to psychopharmacologists about depression.
The program, announced in December of last year and known as the Pharmacy Collaboration Program, was put together by the National Society of Clinical Psychopharmacologists, primarily to serve its 1,000 members.
61) In order to decide what drugs are particularly dangerous, the Temporary Commission heard testimony from a variety of scientists, including psychopharmacologists, as well as former addicts.
A panel of sleep disorders specialists and psychopharmacologists convened by the National Institutes of Health concurs that, when drug therapy is warranted, benzodiazepines are the therapy of choice.
Some psychopharmacologists also argue that the sense of some patients who take Prozac that they are "better than well" may be a result of being "revved up" by the medication rather than of being transformed.
Psychopharmacologists will be particularly impressed by the eight separate chapters that provide rigorous evaluation of drug treatments.